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PKL Season 10: Yuva Kabaddi Series Alums Making Waves in Pro Kabaddi League

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) has long been a platform for emerging talents to showcase their skills and make a name for themselves in the world of kabaddi. The Yuva Kabaddi Series has been a breeding ground for these talents, moulding them into formidable players who are now making waves in the PKL. In the previous PKL Season, we've witnessed some remarkable performances from Yuva Kabaddi Series alums, and their impact on the league is undeniable. In the upcoming PKL Season 10, we will see these young prodigies making waves on the Kabaddi mat.

Ashu Malik - Dabangg Delhi

Ashu Malik, representing Dabangg Delhi, has been a revelation in PKL Season 9. The young raider has played 23 matches and amassed a total of 158 points, making him a vital asset for his team. What stands out is his ability to stay on the mat, with an impressive not-out percentage of 77.62%. In the attacking department, Ashu has executed 277 raids with a successful raid rate of 36%. He's secured 6 super raids and achieved 5 super 10s, underlining his knack for turning the tide of the game. With a total of 141 raid points and an average of 6.13 raid points per match, Ashu Malik has truly emerged as a star.

In the defensive realm, Ashu has exhibited his versatility with 4 super tackles and one high 5. He has secured 17 tackle points with an average of 0.74 successful tackles per match. His total tackles amount to 35, with a tackle success rate of 37%. Ashu's well-rounded skills have made him a game-changer for Dabangg.


Rinku - U Mumba

Rinku, representing U Mumba, has been a standout performer in the league, with 19 matches under his belt. While he hasn't been a prolific raider, his defensive prowess is evident. Rinku has earned a total of 59 points, primarily from his defensive contributions. In the attacking department, he has executed 16 raids but has struggled to secure raid points.

Where Rinku truly shines is in defence. He has executed 7 super tackles and achieved 3 high 5s. His total tackle points amount to 59, with an average of 3.11 successful tackles per match. Rinku has undertaken a total of 92 tackles with an impressive tackle success rate of 57%. His ability to turn defence into offence has made him an asset for U Mumba.

Akash Shinde - Puneri Paltan

Akash Shinde, donning the Puneri Paltan jersey, has been a force to reckon with in PKL Season 9. He has played 22 matches and earned a total of 142 points. Akash's raiding skills have been exceptional, with a raid points average of 6.32 per match. He boasts a successful raid rate of 47% and has executed 5 super raids, along with 5 super 10s. Akash has earned a total of 139 raid points, making him a valuable raider for Puneri Paltan.

In terms of defence, he has a total of 3 tackle points, with an average of 0.14 successful tackles per match. He has attempted 8 tackles with a tackle success rate of 38%.

As the Yuva Kabaddi Series continues to nurture young talents, the impact of its alums in the Pro Kabaddi League is evident. Ashu Malik, Rinku, and Akash Shinde have risen to the occasion, delivering standout performances and showcasing their skills. These emerging stars are not only shaping the PKL but also offering a glimpse of the bright future of kabaddi in India.