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Ghar Se Panga: Maninder Singh focussed on maintaining fitness during the lockdown

Like all the Kabaddi and other athletes, Maninder Singh has been locked into his home due to the lockdown in India. The country has been going through a tough time due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is taking all the precautions to make sure that the country is free of the corona virus.

In such times, it's difficult for a player to maintain proper fitness and get proper training. However, the plus point of such a situation is that all of them are getting to spend a lot of time with their family. We spoke to Bengal Warriors' skipper Maninder and got to know how is he spending his time and making sure that he remains fit during the hard times that everyone is going through.

Maninder Singh with his family
Maninder Singh with his family

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Q: Tell us about how you are focusing on fitness during the lockdown.
Maninder: Since we cannot go out, I go to my farm for practice and exercise. I also do help out with planting on the farms. There is sufficient space in our farms for running, so that is a relief. I have set up a small gym at home so that helps to maintain my fitness.

Q: Are you doing anything different to focus on your skills?
Maninder: I have a NIS coach, Gary, staying with me. He helps me in learning new skills and evolving the old ones. Every week, I try to learn something new from him. I am focused to stay in shape currently.

Q: How are you spending time with your family and your daughter?
Maninder: Apart from working on my fitness, I spend all the time with my wife and baby. They make sure that I get time for training every morning and evening. I am spending time with them after a long time so it feels really good.

My daughter, Gurmeet, and I are spending a lot of time together and I am getting to know her more and more. She likes to take photos with me, play with me and also come for a run sometimes.

Q: Does your wife also play any sport?
Maninder: She is an academic but recently she has developed a lot of interest in Kabaddi. She helps me tune my diet using ideas from the internet and other places. She also helps out with my fitness and I am heavily dependent on her for that. She plans and orders everything and anything for me.

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Best Friend in Kabaadi - Rann Singh
Favorite Sport other than Kabaddi - Football
Favorite footballer - Cristiano Ronaldo
If not Kabaddi then which sport - Football (in Europe)