Tamil Thalaivas and Rahul Chaudhari battle Telugu Titans and Siddharth Desai

All eyes were on Rahul Chaudhari who was facing his former team TELUGU TITANS. It was such an ironical evening and a match all fans of Telugu Titans were looking forward to.

As the match kicked-off, Tamil Thalaivas' Rahul Chaudhari began by taking a bonus point  against his former team (1-0). Further as it proceeded, Siddharth Desai of Telugu Titans started to get into some form by scoring few raid points. An All-Out was quickly inflicted on Telugu Titans by the MIGHTY Thalaivas in the 1st half.


At the end of 1st half the score stood at 20-10 with Tamil Thalaivas leading. In the second half, pressure only increased on the Titans as Siddharth Desai was on bench for large parts. But a brilliant tackle by Titans brought him back into the mat. The game was slipping away from the Titans with the score at 21-13. A great tackle by Mohit Chhillar on Kamal got back the showman Rahul into the match.

This moment can be thought of as a "REVIVAL" of Rahul Chaudhari as he went on to score 6 raid points. Manjeet Chhillar also contributed as he scored 5 tackle points to extend the lead further.

RAHUL -the showman achieved his first Super 10 raid against Telugu Titans and dominated the match from the beginning. Telugu Titans suffered another defeat and best emerging player of PKL6 couldn't save them tonight.

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The  trio of Ajay Thakur, Rahul Chaudhari and Manjeet Chhillar completely destroyed the Titans by their spectacular all-round performance. This season of Pro Kabaddi has been called the toughest season, so it would be amazing to see all teams battling it out on the mat for glory.

Tamil beat Telugu PKL7
Momentum was with Tamil Thalaivas right from the beginning : Telugu Titans v Tamil Thalaivas


Brilliant all-round performance by Rahul Chaudhari tonight : Telugu Titans v Tamil Thalaivas



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Rahul Chaudhari has spent his entire Prom Kabaddi career at Telugu Titans. In this season, he will be playing against his HOME as he represents Tamil Thalaivas. He has Ajay Thakur as a partner to share his load in raiding.

For the Telugu Titans, they are depending on Pro Kabaddi League's best Rookie ever Siddharth Desai who led the UMumba team in raiding points in Season 6. He became the most expensive player in Season 7 as Titans paid Rs 1.45 Crore for his services.