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Puneri Paltan Secures Playoff Berth in Pro Kabaddi Season 10 with Dramatic Tie Against Dabang Delhi

The roar of the Delhi crowd filled the Thyagaraj Indoor Stadium. Dabang Delhi, fueled by home turf advantage, locked horns with the formidable Puneri Paltan. What ensued was a nail-biting battle, a see-saw affair that kept hearts pounding till the very last second, ultimately ending in a dramatic 30-30 tie. With this tie Puneri secures their playoffs birth in Pro Kabaddi season 10.

The opening act belonged to Puneri. Led by the indomitable Aslam Inamdar, a magician with both offense and defense, they surged ahead, leaving Delhi on the back foot. Inamdar, a human highlight reel, weaved through Delhi's defense like a phantom, collecting points with effortless grace. His Super 10 performance was a masterclass in Puneri's win.

But Delhi wouldn't surrender easily. Their defense, marshaled by the ever-reliable Yogesh (5 points) and the rock-solid Ashish (3 points), started tightening its grip. Ashu Malik, Delhi's young gun, unleashed his raiding mastery, picking off Puneri defenders with audacious escapes. The score seesawed, the tension rising with every point scored.


The first half concluded with Delhi clinging to a precarious 18-10 lead. The second half, however, was a different story. The Puneri Paltan roared back, their hunger for victory palpable. Mohammadreza Shadlou, a defensive dynamo, turned into a brick wall, thwarting Delhi's raiders with crunching tackles. Gaurav Khatri, another defensive stalwart, showcased his agility, sending Delhi raiders crashing to the mat with well-timed dashes.

As the clock ticked down, the score remained neck-and-neck. With less than a minute remaining, the atmosphere crackled with electricity. Every touch, every tackle, became a battle of wills. The crowd roared, their voices merging into a single, unified chant, urging their team on.

During the match, Delhi was struck by tragedy. Their star raider, Manjeet, who had shown flashes of brilliance earlier, suffered an injury and was forced to leave the field. But the fighting spirit of Delhi shone through. Their remaining players rose to the occasion. They played with grit, determination, and a never-say-die attitude. In a final act of defiance, they held off Puneri's advances, forcing the tie and denying them a crucial victory.

While the scoreboard may not reflect individual glories, this match was a testament to the unsung heroes. Players like Yogesh, who silently anchored the defense, and Ashish, who stood like an immovable wall, played pivotal roles in Delhi's fightback. On the Puneri side, Mohammadreza Shadlou defensive masterclass and Gaurav Khatri's timely interventions kept their team in the hunt.

This match wasn't just about points and victory. It was a reminder that even when stars fall, the collective will of a team can shine through, leaving fans with memories that linger long after the final whistle blows.

In the grand scheme of this battle, both teams came out victorious. Delhi, by snatching a tie from the jaws of defeat, and Puneri, by securing their playoff berth with their overall strong performance. But the true winners were the fans, who witnessed a match that embodied the very essence of Kabaddi.