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Resounding victory for Telugu Titans, misery at home continues for Patna Pirates

Brilliant defense of Telugu Titans kept Pardeep Narwal at bay and the poster boy Rahul Chaudhari proved his mettle once again. Pardeep started the raid and stepped out in the lobby while Rahul's frst raid was empty. Patna Pirates scored first point in the 2nd minute and in the 3rd minute Telugu Titans defense made their presence felt when Pardeep was sent on the bench.

First 10 minutes both the teams were giving good fight and Telugu Titans was on the verge of all-out with 3 players on the mat and Telugu Titans trailing by 2 points but in 12th minute Pardeep Narwal was once again sent on the bench, which happened to be a super tackle followed by Nilesh Shalunke's super raid in the same minute and Telugu Titans took 3 points lead.

In the 14th minute Telugu Titans inflicted the 1st all-out courtesy Vishal Bhardwaj and Abozar Mighani in defense and Rahul CHaudhari in attack, at the stroke of the half time Patna Pirates were trailing by 8 points, 17-25. 


Telugu Titans Vs. Patna Pirates Final score


Rahul Chaudhari continued the rampage and Telugu Titans inflicted the 2nd all-out in the 21st minute, and in the 25th minute Pardeep Narwal was substituted reason being injury in the left hand and he never returned back on the mat, and poor show of Patna defense continued and Telugu Titans registered an easy win, 32 - 53

Best raider and defender Telugu Titans:

Best raider and defender Telugu Titans

Best raider and defender Patna Pirates:

Best raider and defender Telugu Titans

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