Kabaddi Adda

Team effort takes Warriors Arena Academy past Narwal Golden Club to secure their first win.


In match 25 of Pool B fixtures, Warriors Arena Academy registered their first win by defeating Narwal Golden Club with 19 points. After losing their first games, both teams wanted to win this match and get a win on the table. 

At the start of the game, Narwal Golden Club’s lead raider, Himanshu Surajmal started positively by scoring few quick points and inflicting an All-Out in just the 4th minute of the game. But the defence of NGC looked unstable making few errors and allowing WAA’s raiders to score points and eventually lose their lead.

Cover defence of Warriors Academy was in great form, helping them send NGC to an All-Out. From that point onwards, WAA looked unstoppable and scored yet another All-Out under 5 minutes. WAA’s right cover, Aashish held a frontal ankle hold single-handedly, debatably one of the best tackles of the tournament. The first half ended with the score line reading 22-28 with WAA leading by 6 points.

Going into the 2nd half, NGC came with few changes which worked for them as they scored 5 straight points resulting in only 2 players for WAA on the mat. However, they let this chance slip. Warriors held their nerves and got a super tackle which saved them from an All-Out. Himanshu again came into the picture with 2 good raids, turning tables, and resulting in 3rd All-Out for Narwal Golden Club.
WAA’s Karambir brought an all-around performance with 12 points to his name whereas Aashish too scored 12 points. Cover defender Aakash scored a high 5, scoring a total of 11 points for the team. While most players from NGC struggled, Himanshu was the only positive from the game with his 11 points.

With NGC not able to capitalize on many chances, WAA outclassed them to get their first win with score of 38-57.