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NK Academy Finishes strong as Umesh sends Chhaju Ram Academy packing | K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021

Defense on top of their game

With a surprise loss last time out. NK academy saw them slip from 1 st to 3rd place as earlier Parveen & Jasvir Academy pulled an all-important win to sit at the top. NK on the other hand wanted to win this game to take their spot back at the top. Chhaju Ram was playing for pride as they were already out of the next round.


NK Academy started out with their usual 7, but Sushil got the first point of the game and scored another point. It was just a minor hiccup as Vinay opened the account for his side followed by a multi raid by Rakesh who continued his fine form.


NK defense was also on toes as they took the opposition raider outs in the continuous raid as the scorecard read 3-11 in favor of NK Academy. Vinay looked like he got his mojo back as he got going and soon extended his team lead to 10 points. With 7 mins to go Chhaju ram conceded the first all-out with the scorecard read Chhaju Ram 7 - 22 NK Academy.


Chhaju Ram players looked under pressure as they were blown away by the quick start by NK Academy raiders combined with a superb defense show by a trio of Manish, Vijay, and Krishan. NK Academy finished the half strongly, Umesh and Vinay scoring 9 & 7 raid points alone in the first half. Chhaju Ram's defense was on sleep mode as they failed to take a single tackle point. 


2nd half started with Chhaju Ram looking to improve out from here on out and scored the first point just like they did in the first half. Umesh also started from where he left and completed his super 10 Raid. NK defensive players had their concentration on another level as they were not letting Chhaju Ram score and inflicted another all out as the scoreline read 12-44 points, NK Academy creating a monstrous lead of 32 points.  


Chhaju Ram took the timeout to throw a last throw of the dice with Sushil tried to get them going. Yogesh scored a Super raid for Chhaju Ram as they cut the deficit by a small margin as NK still leads them. The last 5 mins saw NK Showing great composure and calmness as they knew the match was already in their bag.

After final whistle


At the final whistle, the match ended with Chhaju Ram Academy 21 - 52 NK Academy. Umesh was the star raider of the game with 20 raid points but the real difference-maker was the defensive trio of Manish, Vijay, and Krishan that scored 12 tackle points among them out of 15. 


NK Academy did what they had to do to go back top for now but had to wait till the last game between Bhaini School and Parveen & Jasvir Academy to see where they finally finish as they look forward to the next round. Chhjau Ram Academy bowed out of the tournament with just 1 win in their pocket and will have to try next year again.