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“Bhaini School ease past Chhaju Ram Academy” as they take top spot in Pool A - | K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021

Kismat in Action

After yesterday's surprise win by Khokhar Academy over NK Academy, Chhaju Ram Academy (CRKA) was hoping to pull a similar upset of their own, as they were pushed to the bottom of the table with that win by Khokhar yesterday. NK Academy first lost saw their lead at the top cut down to just 2 points with Parveen & Jasvir Academy and Bhaini School  is themselves just 4 points behind, breathing just right down their noses looked to leapfrog them before the end of first-round games.


CRKA started the match with Sushil Om scoring first points with a high kick followed by a superb tackle by NO 11 as they took the lead of 2 points. 
Kismat Singh took the first point for Bhaini School as they were finally off the mark and started to take control in the match and in a blink of an eye scored an all-out and took the lead of 4 points with a score of Bhaini School 10 - 6 CRKA
Sushil OM personally has been having a great tournament till now, having a decent game so far as he was keeping his team within reach of Bhaini school by scoring half the points for his team with 8 mins left in the first half. 
Vikas lead his defensive unit (for Bhaini School) as they kept Sushil and Aman in check and prevented them from making any inroads as the first half ended with Bhaini School keeping their lead with a scoreline of 16-14. 

Superb defense By Bhaini School

Kuldeep Singh came in as a substitute in the 2nd half could not take any points as he was tackled out and gave CRKA another opportunity for an all-out. But a multi-point raid by Hardeep Sombir took Mohit Sharma, Darpan out and saved his team from an all-out situation. Sushil got taken out by a super tackle next as Bhaini School kept their lead.
Mohit Goyat was doing a similar job for his team by scoring the chunk of the points with kismat playing a supporting role.
Aman got tackled out by a combined effort from Bhaini School’s defense. Chhaju Ram had to concede an all-out and giving the opposition a lead of 9 points.
Some Unsucceful DOD raids by both teams took place with the Bhaini School still leading the game as CRKA Coach took an all-out to give instructions to his team with little over 7 min left in the match.  Bhaini School kept their calm as Mohit Goyat scored consecutive points as CRKA conceded yet another all-out and Bhaini School extended their lead by 14 points.
CRKA players huffed and puffed but could not overturn the deficit as Bhaini School won comprehensively by 14 points (42-28) and went to the top of the table with one more game left to play.
Bhaini School takes on Parveen and Jasvir Academy later in the day in the top of the table clash. For Chhaju ram academy looks like the end is near or will they produce a miracle only time will tell.

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