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“Khohkar Academy Produces an Upset” as they thrash 2nd string side of NK Academy - | K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021

Mandeep in action



The last game of the day saw Khokhar Academy sitting at the bottom of the table take on NK Academy, who was placed comfortably at the top of the table after winning their vital game earlier against Bhaini School that sealed their spot in the next round.


The first raid of the game was started by Umesh from NK academy who did an empty raid. Mandeep from Khohkar academy did the next raid but an amateur mistake by him saw the first point of the game handed out to NK academy without even putting an effort as Mandeep's feet touched the lobby as he made no touch of the Opposition player.


The game progressed and a time out was taken by NK academy as they made some changes and brought in some fringe players as Vinay and Rakesh were substituted out as Shubham and Lalit came in for them.


A successful DOD raid by Ankit saw Khokhar Academy take the lead in the match by 3 points. He tried to force an all-out in his next raid but was taken out by a super tackle by Umesh. But Umesh was taken out in his next raid and all-out was again in the cards. Krishan then stepped up to pull out a continuous multi raid and the comeback kings were back again in the game as the lead by 2 points with 6 mins left on the clock and the scorecard read NK Academy 12 - 10 Khokhar Academy.


 Superb defense By Khokar

The 15th min of the game saw Khokhar Academy produced the first all-out as they took the lead back from the opposition, Ashish Kumar was having a good first have as he scored back-to-back tackle points to further extend his team lead by 5 points. But Umesh produced a Super raid right at the death of the first half to reduce the deficit, with Khokhar still leading the game by 2 points with a scoreline of 20 - 18 in their favor. 


The second half started with an error in judgment by Krishan giving an easy point to Khokhar Academy as they look to extend their lead.Umesh was again was doing the major chunk of the scoring took continuous points with Krishan finishing off as NK Academy made their first all out to take the lead for the 2nd time in the game. Rahul produced a smart point during his quick pursuit followed by Mandeep scoring multi raid and Khokhar produced another all-out as they lead by 10 points with under 10 mins left to play.


With 7 mins left NK Academy took a timeout as it looked like they had to regroup in order to stop another all-out. But it was of no use as Mandeep was in full flow as he took both Umesh and Lalit out and Khokhar produced an all-out with a superb tackle but the game had to be stopped as Shubham from NK Academy got injured in the process as the scoreline read 30 - 44 in favor of Khokar Academy.NK tried but could not stop Khokhar Academy as they took their first win of the tournament as the final Scoreline read NK Academy 41 - 55 Khohkar Academy. 


Khokhar Academy finally opened their account with some superb tackling plus Mandeep is finally back in form and will be hope to finish the first round strongly as they look to sneak their place in the next round. NK Academy won't mind this too much as they gave some all-important rest to their players and bought in some fringe players to give them a run as they plan ahead for the next round.


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