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Telangana fails to make the most of home advantage! | 47th Junior National Kabaddi Championship | Day 2 Summary Boys’

The Day 2 of Junior Nationals Boy's 2021 witnessed as many as 12 matches taking place for the day in the boys’ section, most of which were one sided affairs showing a gutsy tale of dominance. 

Haryana vs Odhisa
The first match of the day between Odhisa and Haryana in action.

The day opened with Odhisa taking on Haryana, one of the strongest teams of the tournament and Haryana made a statement from the word go. Scoring over 60 points, Haryana managed to bag a comfortable win and start the tournament with a bang. The action then shifted to the union territory of Pondicherry taking on Kerala and managing an easy victory on the hands. In the subsequent matches, Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu managed to win their games with near perfection, meanwhile Manipur and Bihar faced their second successive loss and West Bengal starting their journey in the tournament on a loosing note. The match 14 of the tournament, saw the home team Telangana loosing their second subsequent match and failing to bag the home advantage in the tournament. In the following matches, Delhi and Gujarat managed to continue there winning streak whereas Kerala lost their second straight match. J&K finally managed to break the shackles with a victory and open their account in the points table. 

Summary Results for Day 2 of Junior National Kabaddi Championship  Boy's 2021

  • Match 7: Haryana vs Odhisa | Scoreline: 67-36
  • Match 8: Kerala vs Pondicherry | Scoreline: 28-50
  • Match 9: Rajasthan vs Bihar | Scoreline: 54-31
  • Match 10: Punjab vs Manipur | Scoreline: 47-37
  • Match 11: Himachal Pradesh vs Pondicherry | Scoreline: 53-25
  • Match 12: Jharkhand vs West Bengal | Scoreline: 62-44
  • Match 13: Tamil Nadu vs Uttar Pradesh | Scoreline: 54-35
  • Match 14: Uttar Pradesh vs Telangana | Scoreline: 54-23
  • Match 15: Delhi vs Tripura | Scoreline: 38-12
  • Match 16: J&K vs Sikkim | Scoreline: 41-38
  • Match 17: Kerala vs Andhara CO | Scoreline: 40-45
  • Match 18: Uttarakhand vs Gujarat | Scoreline: 12-50

The Schedule for Day 3 of 47th Junior National