Kabaddi Adda

Prokabaddi season 6, day 14, match number 28, in a thrilling encounter Puneri Paltan register their third win in a row, while Bengaluru Bulls 1st lost 27 - 25.

Puneri Paltan's defense once again prooved theri might, another last minute thriller as they beat Bengaluru Bulls 27-25 Puneri Paltan players were high on confidence after defeating U Mumba the first of last-minute thriller on Saturday, While Bengaluru Bulls were looking forward to hit the hattrick after their 2 consecutive win again Tamil Thalaivas.

Nitin Tomar started the raid and this was his 2nd silent outing in a row as he could just score 3 points. It was Monu who scored first point in the second minute, which was a bonus. Puneri Paltan could score a touch point only in 4th minute that too was by Monu, while Nitin Tomar could score his first point in the 8th minute.

It was a low scoring encounter today we could not see the fire in Pawan Sehrawat as Puneri Paltan defenders tamed him and he could just score 6 points, while Kashiling Adake scored 9 points and in the 12th minute first time score was equal 7 - 7 when Kashiling Adake was on raid and tackled by Ravi Kumar. In the 13th minute Puneri paltan took 1 point lead when Nitin Tomar was on lead and Mahendra stepped out but the lead was short lived as Rohit scored a point in 14th minute. Bengaluru Bulls walked in half time with 3 points lead score was 13 - 10.

Once again Puneri Paltan played on super tackles and scored couple of points in the first 4 minutes after the half time, Moment of the match was smart substitution Akshay Jadhav who came and in 25th minute of the game scored 3 point super tackle and score was equal 16 - 16, next three minutes were close as only 2 players were left on the Puneri Paltan's side and in 29th minute Bengaluru Bulls inflicted the first all-out, with 2 points lead to their name, 22 - 20.

In the 34th minute Akshay Jadhav scored a point and score was equal 24 - 24, and in the 36th minute a brilliant block by Ravi when Pawan was on do or die raid gave 1 point lead to Puneri Paltan, 24 - 23, Nitin added another point in the 37th minute. Then came the last 3 minutes the absolute thriller when Nitin was on raid and only three players were on mat and Kashi initiated a successful super tackle which brings the score to equal 25 - 25. In the 39th minute Anand was on raid and got tackled and in the final minute Rinku Narwal's brilliant ankle hold sent Kashi on the bench and Puneri Paltan players in the celebration mood