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Aslam Inamdar Turns 24, Aims For Pro Kabaddi Season 10 Glory

Today, February 23rd, marks more than just the birthday of a young Kabaddi star, Aslam Inamdar. It marks the celebration of a captain, a leader, and a player who embodies the spirit of the game. As Inamdar turns 24, he stands tall at the helm of Puneri Paltan, currently dominating Pro Kabaddi Season 10 with their sights firmly set on the ultimate prize - the PKL title.

Inamdar's journey is an inspiring one. His agility and tactical brilliance on the mat are legendary. He's not just a prolific raider with 132 points to his name, but also a force to be reckoned with in defence, boasting 25 tackle points. He commands respect with his leadership qualities, inspiring confidence and fostering a winning spirit within his team.

But Inamdar's success transcends individual brilliance. Last year, he was instrumental in India's gold medal victory at the Asian Games, showcasing his talent on the international stage. Now, as captain of Puneri Paltan, the pressure is on, but his birthday serves as a reminder of his unwavering determination and the journey that brought him this far.


The playoffs loom large, and Inamdar's leadership will be crucial in navigating the challenges that lie ahead. Puneri Paltan's comfortable position atop the table shouldn't mask the fierce competition they'll face. Teams like Patna Pirates, Jaipur Pink Panthers, Haryana Steelers, Gujarat Giants and Dabang Delhi will be hungry for a shot at the title, and Inamdar's tactical prowess and on-field presence will be key in overcoming these hurdles.

However, Inamdar's birthday isn't just about the upcoming playoffs - it's a moment to appreciate his individual journey. From rising through the ranks to captaining a top team, his story serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes across the country. His ability to seamlessly switch between raiding and tackling demonstrates his versatility and understanding of the game. His lightning-fast dodges and powerful kicks keep defenders on their toes, while his anticipation and strategic thinking make him a formidable opponent in defence.

As he embarks on this crucial phase of the season, we can expect Inamdar to continue his impressive performances, both as a raider and as a leader. His birthday might be a personal celebration, but the true gift lies in the potential glory he brings to Puneri Paltan and the joy he sparks in the hearts of Kabaddi fans. Let's raise a toast to Aslam Inamdar, the captain, the raider, and the leader, and wish him and his team all the best as they chase their dream of PKL glory.