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Mohit Goyat Shines as Puneri Paltan Thrashes Haryana Steelers

The Puneri Paltan dominated the Haryana Steelers in their final league match of the Pro Kabaddi season, securing a convincing 51-36 victory. The star of the show was undoubtedly Mohit Goyat, who contributed a remarkable 12 points (8 raid points + 4 tackle points), showcasing his versatility and leading his team to a comfortable win.

The Paltan started strong, inflicting an all-out on Haryana Steelers within the first 7 minutes. Mohit Goyat was unstoppable in the raid, evading defenders and scoring points consistently. He picked up a Super Raid in the first half, taking out two defenders and contributing significantly to Pune's early lead.

Haryana fought back with Ashish leading their charge with 10 points, including a bonus. However, Puneri's defense, anchored by Mohammadreza Shadloui and Pankaj Mohite, proved too strong. Shadloui contributed 6 tackle points, while Mohite added 4 points, effectively shutting down Haryana's raiders.


Despite Haryana's valiant efforts, Pune maintained control throughout the match. Akash Shinde also played a crucial role for Pune, scoring 8 raid points and keeping the pressure on Haryana. His agility and quick raids proved difficult for the Steelers to contain.

Key Highlights from the match

  • Mohit Goyat's brilliance: Goyat was the undisputed star of the match, showcasing his all-round skills with 12 raid points and 4 tackle points. His ability to attack and defend effectively was a major factor in Pune's victory.
  • Pune's strong start: The Paltan's dominant start set the tone for the match. The early all-out put them in a comfortable lead, and they never looked back.
  • Haryana's fighting spirit: The Steelers showed commendable spirit with their comeback attempt, but it wasn't enough to overcome Pune's strong performance.
  • Pune's solid defense: The Paltan's defense, led by Shadloui and Mohite, played a crucial role in their victory. They effectively shut down Haryana's raiders and prevented them from gaining momentum.

This victory solidifies Pune's position in the playoffs and gives them a strong chance of advancing further in the tournament. Mohit Goyat's outstanding performance has put him in the spotlight, and he will be a key player to watch in the upcoming matches.