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Who holds the keys to PKL7 Finals | Naveen Kumar or BC Ramesh?

There are several ways for a team to win a kabaddi match

  1. A star raider like Pawan Kumar runs through the opposition
  2. Defense fortress like U Mumba trap raiders in Do or Die raids
  3. Raiding trio of Maninder, Prapanjan and Nabibaksh stun the opposition repeatedly 

The keys to win a match varies from team to team. For the Prokabaddi Season 7 Finals we analyse the keys to win for Dabang Delhi and Bengal Warriors.


Keys For Dabang Delhi

Dabang Delhi has lost only 2/20 matches (before they qualified for playoffs) — 5 pt loss to Gujarat and 22 pt loss to Haryana. So they seem to have cracked the keys to win against any opposition, except Bengal Warriors against whom they have tied their previous consequential encounter

Naveen Kumar and Ravinder Pahal hold the keys to Dabang Delhi's victory

  • Key #1 : When Naveen Kumar scores 10+ net raid points*  
  • Key #2 : Support raider Chandran Ranjith/Meraj Sheyk score 5+ net raid points* 
  • Key #3 : Corners Joginder and Pahal have 6 or fewer unsuccessful tackles
  • Key #4 : Defense - corners, covers and all-rounder Vijay score 10+ tackle points
  • Key #5 : Defensive errors during super-tackles fewer than 3

Bengal delhi tie
Naveen starred as usual Delhi and Prapnjan/Baldev performed well for Warriors : Match #46

Keys For Bengal Warriors


Maninder scored only 1 effective in Bengal’s early match against Delhi which ended in a tie. It was Prapanjan who scored a Super-10 capitalizing on mistakes by Ravinder Pahal. 

  • Key #1 : Bengal raiders need to score 13+ net raid points*, with or without Maninder Singh
  • Key #2 : Bengal raiders score 5–7 bonus points 
  • Key #3 : Corners Baldev and Rinku have 5 or fewer unsuccessful tackles
  • Key #4 : Maninder scores 10+ points

* Net Raid Points = Raid Points - Unsuccessful Raids