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Ashu Malik Steals the Show as Dabang Delhi Edges Past Haryana Steelers in a Nail-Biter

A pulsating encounter at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad witnessed Dabang Delhi snatching a thrilling victory from the jaws of Haryana Steelers. The final score of 35-32 painted a picture of a tightly contested battle, but it was the sheer brilliance of Ashu Malik that truly illuminated the evening.

From the very first whistle, the match crackled with intensity. Haryana opened the scoring through Vinay's bonus point, but Ashu Malik responded with a stunning double touch, sending both Rahul Sethpal and Ashish tumbling out of bounds. Siddharth Desai, Haryana's talisman raider, kept his team in the hunt with a series of successful raids, even picking up a Super 10 with a timely kick on Yogesh.

The turning point arrived in the mid-first half. An audacious ankle hold by Mohit Nandal on Meetu Sharma brought Haryana within a whisker of inflicting an All-Out. However, the tide turned soon after as Ashu capitalized on a defensive lapse to escape unscathed. This raid proved to be the spark Delhi needed, and they surged ahead, inflicting the first All-Out on Haryana just before the half-time break.

The second half began with a bang, with both teams trading blows like skilled pugilists. Siddharth Desai continued his dominance, while Ashu Malik remained Delhi's pillar of strength. The lead changed hands with alarming frequency, and the atmosphere reached a fever pitch with every successful raid and tackle.


With just a minute remaining, the score stood at 31-32. The tension was palpable as Ashu Malik took to the mat for a do-or-die raid. The Haryana defence swarmed him, but in a moment of sheer brilliance, Ashu got a touch-point, securing a lead for Delhi.

Haryana desperately needed a touch in their final raid, but Shivam Patare was met with a resolute Delhi defence and pushed out of bounds, sealing Dabang Delhi's hard-fought victory.

Ashu Malik was undeniably the hero of the night. His 14-point masterclass, including crucial raids in the dying moments, proved decisive in Delhi's triumph. Siddharth Desai, despite his Super 10, couldn't single-handedly carry Haryana past the finish line. The supporting cast also played their part, with Yogesh's tackle on Vinay in the first half and Mohit Nandal's ankle hold on Meetu Sharma deserving special mention.

In the end, Dabang Delhi emerged victorious thanks to their never-say-die spirit and a touch of magic from Ashu Malik. While Haryana will rue some missed opportunities, they can take solace in the impressive performance of Siddharth Desai.