38th AIMKC Gotegaon Kabaddi Schedule 2021

The 38th All India Men's Kabaddi Championships (SKMG Pro Kabaddi) at Gotegaon will begin today 20th January 2021 at 12 noon. 26 of best teams from across the country will participate at Gotegaon. Teams are grouped into 6 pools and a total of 44 matches will be played. 

Pools for 38th Gotegaon Kabaddi
Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D Pool E Pool F
NER, Gkp Yuva Paltan Navy, Mum NR, Del UP XI Air Force
Haryana XI SSB ONGC UP Yoddha CR, Mum Punjab XI
OFK Shastri Club JD Academy Nandlal Academy Star Academy MP XI
Narwal Academy NAVY, Del Dhul Pai Khokhar Academy Yamuna Sports ONGC Academy
        NK Academy ECR Patna

Full Schedule for 38th AIMKC | News from AIMKC

Day 1 | 20th Jan 2021 | Matches SKMG Pro Kabaddi

  1. UP XI vs CR Mumbai
  2. MP XI vs ONGC Academy
  3. Air Force vs Punjab XI
  4. Star Academy Jabalpur vs Yamuna Sports
  5. Nandlal Jhanjar vs Khokhar Academy
  6. JD Academy vs Dhull Sports Pai
  7. Shastri Club Haryana vs NAVY Delhi
  8. OFK Vanargaon vs Narwal Sports Rindhana
  9. Punjab XI vs MP XI
  10. CR Mumbai vs Star Academy Jabalpur
  11. NR Delhi vs UP Yoddha
  12. NAVY Mumbai vs ONGC
  13. Yuva Paltan vs SSB Faridabad
  14. NER Gorakhpur vs Haryana XI
  15. Air Force vs ECR Patna

Day 2 | 21st Jan 2021 | Matches SKMG Pro Kabaddi

  1. UP XI vs NK Academy
  2. NAVY Mumbai vs JD Academy
  3. Yuva Paltan vs Shastri Club
  4. NER Gorakhpur vs OFK Vanargaon
  5. UP XI vs Star Academy Jabalpur
  6. NR Delhi vs Khokhar Academy
  7. NAVY Mumbai vs Dhull Sports Pai
  8. Yuva Paltan vs  NAVY Delhi
  9. NER Gorakhpur vs Narwal Sports Rindhana
  10. Air Force vs ONGC Academy
  11. UP XI vs Yamuna Sports
  12. UP Yoddha vs Nandlal Jhanjar
  13. ONGC vs JD Academy 
  14. SSB Faridabad vs Shastri Club
  15. Haryana XI vs OFK Varangaon 

    Day 3 | 22nd Jan 2021 | Matches SKMG Pro Kabaddi

    1. Punjab XI vs ONGC Academy
    2. CR Mumbai vs Yamuna Sport
    3. UP Yoddha vs Khokhar Academy
    4. ONGC vs Dhull Sports Pai
    5. SSB Faridabad vs NAVY Delhi
    6. Haryana XI vs Narwal Sports Rindhana
    7. Punjab XI vs ECR Patna
    8. CR Mumbai vs NK Academy
    9. MP XI  vs ECR Patna
    10. Star Academy Jabalpur vs NK Academy
    11. ONGC vs ECR Patna
    12. NER Gorakhpur vs Haryana XI 
    13. Air Force vs MP XI
    14. Yuva Paltan vs SSB Faridabad