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With 7 consecutive win Gujarat Fortune giants starts the home-leg with a resounding win against Bengal Warriors

Solid start for Gujarat Fortunegiants with 12 points difference resounding victory against Bengal Warriros. In the absence of Sachin Tanwar Dong Geon Lee started the raid for Gujarat Fortunegiants and Maninder Singh for Bengal Warriors with empty raids for their team, in the second minute Ajay scored the first point and Maninder for Bengal Warriors. Gujarat had a slow start, and it was a close game till 7th minute, and in the 10th minute first time score was equal 8-8. 

In the 15th minute Gujarat Fortunegiants inflicted the 1st all-out and took 3 points lead, 14-11. Bengal Warrior defenders were throwing error and aggression from attack was missing and Gujarat Fortunegiants walked into the half-time with 5 points lead, 19-14.

In the second half Gujarat Fortunegiants continued the momentum, while Rakesh Narwal who came as substitute for Bengal Warriors failed to turn the game and Bengal Warriors defense continue to leak points. In the 24th minute we saw a brilliant super tackle by Bengal Warriros side which narrowed the gap to 4 points, 21-17.


Gujarat Fortunegiants Vs. Bengal Warriros final score


In the 29th minute Gujarat Fortunegiants inflicted the 2nd all-out and Gujarat Fortunegiants took huge 9 points lead, which they continue to maintain till the end and registered a comfortable win to start the home-leg. 

Gujarat Fortunegiants best raider and defender:

Gujarat Fortunegiants best raider and defender

Bengal Warriors best raider and defender:

Bengal Warriors best raider and defender

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