Gujarat Fortune Giants Vs. Dabang Delhi, the season 5 runner-ups settles for a tie

Though Gujarat Fortune giants inflicted the 1st all-out in the 7th minute of the game, it was the smart substitute in the form of Chandran Ranjit by Dabang Delhi which sealed the fate of this match to a tie 32 - 32

It was Rohit Gulia not Sachin Kumar who started the raid from Gujarat Fortunegiants, and Sabber Bapu for Dabang Delhi. Gulia was supported by Prapanjan who brought couple of early points, and it was Sachin Tanwar who scored the highest raid point 8 from the side 

In the first 10 minute of the game Gujarat was leading with a good 4-5 points and Dabang Delhi defenders were leaking points it was when Dabang Delhi made a smart move and called Chandran Ranjit as a substitute and he proved his mettle, scored a point in his first raid itself and then the rest is history.

Post half time the score was Delhi 12, Gujarat 17 and it was when the Dabang Delhi defenders buckled up and looked organized. A brilliant double thigh hold by the Hawk Ravinder Pehal in the 26th minute and a double thigh hold by Chandran Ranjit in the 34th minute followed by his 2 points raid was the moment of the match, which pushed Gujarat fortunegiants to all-out.

Navin was the another impressive young player who scored points for Dabang Delhi when required. on the other hand it was Dabang Delhi's match minus few errors by Joginder Narwal and Ravinder Pehal.

Gujarat Fortunegiants played season 5 on the defense but the present corners Ruturaj Shivaji Koravi in the right and C Kalai Arasan in the left doesn't look impressive, though the duo in cover captain Sunil and Parvesh are at their best.  

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