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Maninder scores 20 points as Bengal gets the better of Telugu in a tightly fought match!

Bengal Warriors beat Telugu Titans with the score reading 40-39 in a night that belonged to raiders.

Here are 5 reasons why Bengal Warriors got the better of Telugu Titans.

1. Vishal Bharadwaj failed to have an Impact tonight where he managed to score only 1 point

2. Sukesh Hegde scores 5 points to mark a great comeback to support Maninder who was in great form.

3. Telugu Titans put 14 unsuccessful tackles as Bengal raiders took a toll on them.

4. SIddharth Desai once again had a brilliant game where he scored 15 points and also saving Titans from multiple all-outs.

5. Bengal Warriors scored 28 raid points in the game and out of which Maninder scored 20 points in 22 raids to take Bengal Warriors on top of the table.

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Maninder Singh wins the battle against Siddharth Desai | M-106 | Score: Telugu 39-40 Bengal

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Although Warriors kept the lead for 82% but Titans managed to reduce the lead and finished the match with 1 point difference.


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Siddharth_Desai vs Maninder Singh | Telugu Titans Vs Bengal Warriors |M106 PKL7 Kaun Jeetega

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