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Bengal Warriors register a stupendous win against UP Yoddha

The Pro Kabaddi 2019 witnessed Bengal Warriors defeat UP Yoddha 48-17 in their opening game to register the biggest win in the history of the tournament. 

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Youngster Mohammad Nabibakhsh, who made his PKL debut scored 10 raid points, with a strong support from Maninder Singh (9 points). Baldev Singh was the most successful defender for the Warriors as he went on to take seven takle points.

Bengal Warriors started off with brute strength, amazing display of raiding and gave away only 5 tackle points to the Yoddhas. 

UP Yoddha gave away easy points with silly mistakes, making it easier for the Warriors to raid and go back with a point. Monu Goyat scored six raid points, the most by any player in the UP team.


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After starting off with a 4-0 lead, the Yoddhas were put on a back foot by the Warriors with a strong show from the raiding and defending department. They went on to score back to back points and ended the first half with the score 17-9. They inflicted a total of four all-outs over the Yoddhas to crush them to the ground to maintain the dominance and increase the gap between the scores.


Nabibakhsh made 12 raid points in 11 raids in his debut PKL match


Nabibakhsh perfporming a successful raid
Nabibakhsh perfporming a successful raid. Image Courtesy - Pro Kabaddi League


Match Preview: Maninder Singh and Bengal Warriors face UP Yoddha and Monu Goyat

Monu Goyat, Shrikant Jadhav will lead the raiding for UP Yoddha as they take up on Bengal Warriors. For the Bengal Warriors this is the first season without Jang Kun Lee but they have Nabibaksh, K Prapanjan and Sukesh Hegde to support Maninder Singh.

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 Having had a good Pro Kabaddi 2018, Bengal Warrior and UP Yoddha will be up against each other in their first match of this year's Pro Kabaddi and will be looking to register a win.