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Watch an Exclusive Interview with Kabaddi Legend Monu Goyat by the Below Link

Monu Goyat, undeniably one of the finest Kabaddi players in the sport's history, has consistently demonstrated exceptional prowess from PKL Season 4 through Season 9. His remarkable journey has left an indelible mark on the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), earning him a well-deserved reputation as one of the best players of all time. In an extensive interview, we delved into various aspects of his career, gaining valuable insights into his experiences and aspirations.

From his stellar performances in PKL Season 4 to Season 9, Monu Goyat has consistently showcased unmatched skill and dedication on the kabaddi mat. Our discussion extended beyond the achievements, exploring the depths of his future plans. Monu shared his vision of potentially transitioning into coaching or continuing to contribute as a player, even as the stakes and competition intensify in PKL Season 10.

The interview didn't merely focus on the highs but also delved into the lows of Monu's journey. We delved into topics such as injuries, understanding the toll they can take on an athlete's career and the resilience required to bounce back. Monu's insights shed light on the physical and mental challenges that come with being a professional Kabaddi player.

Family played a crucial role in Monu Goyat's journey, and our conversation touched upon the support system that fueled his success. From the sacrifices made to the moments of triumph, Monu shared anecdotes that revealed the personal side of his Kabaddi odyssey.


The interview went beyond the confines of the game, exploring the broader struggles and miscellaneous aspects that shape a player's character. Monu Goyat's story became more than a sports narrative; it became a testament to determination, perseverance, and the human spirit's resilience.


For the complete and unfiltered interview experience with Monu Goyat, including discussions on injuries, family, struggles, and various other facets of his life, click on the link below. Immerse yourself in the journey of a Kabaddi legend, gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges and triumphs that define Monu Goyat's extraordinary career.