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U Mumba Vs. Bengaluru Bulls, the hosts continue to maintain their superiority against Bengaluru Bulls

If you look at the head to head record its 9-2 against Bengaluru Bulls, and U Mumba holds the most win record against any team. U Mumba came on mat without SIddharth Desai and 2 other changes Abolfazel Maghsodloumahali and Rajaguru Subramanian were in playing 7 and Darshan Kadian took the responsibility of lead raider, started with sending Rohit on bench, while Pawan Sehrawat had a quite first half.

U Mumba throughout had a dominating first half and inflicted the first all-out in the 6th minute of the game, with 9 points on the board. Bengaluru Bulls struggled to score a point till the 10th minute as the first point they scored was in the 11th minute by Rohit Kumar during a do or die raid, and at the stroke of half time Bengaluru Bulls were trailing by 11 points, 17-6.

In the second half U Mumba defense continue to damage Bengaluru Bulls attack and in the 22nd minute Abol Fazel added another 3 points with his brilliant super raid, and in the 23rd minute U Mumba inflicted the 2nd all-out taking the lead to 15 points, 8-23.


U Mumba Vs. Bengaluru Bulls final Score


In the 27th minute Pawan scored his first point which is a first by Pawan that he struggled so long to score a point. Pawan accelerated the Bengaluru Bulls pace while U Mumba defense started throwing errors and Pawan Sehrawat was on fire once again in the absence of Fazel and Surender on the mat and in the 32nd minute Bengaluru Bulls inflicted the 1st all-out, which narrowed the gap, 19-26. U Mumba literally allowed Bengaluru Bulls to get back into the game, in the 37th minute Kashi's 3 point super raid reduced U Mumba lead to 4 and there was a possibility of Bengaluru Bulls giving tuff competition in the last 3 minutes, but a brilliant ankle hold by Surender sent Pawan, the threat to U Mumba back on the bench and registered a win against Bengaluru Bulls.  


U Mumba best raider and defender:

U Mumba best raider and defender

Bengaluru Bulls best raider and defender:

Bengaluru Bulls best raider and defender

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