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UP Yoddhas vs U Mumba Head to Head Records you must know ahead of Today's Encounter

In the current Pro Kabaddi League season, UP Yoddhas and U Mumba find themselves positioned at the 10th and 11th spots on the points table, respectively. Both teams are undoubtedly eager to secure a victory in their upcoming match, aiming to climb higher in the standings.

Delving into their head-to-head records, these two competitive teams have clashed 11 times in the past. Surprisingly, the battle has been evenly matched, with each team emerging victorious in 5 encounters, and one game resulting in a tie. This history only adds to the anticipation surrounding their impending face-off.

Analyzing the statistics, U Mumba appears to have a more favorable chance of success compared to UP Yoddhas. The team is likely to leverage its past experiences and strategic prowess to gain an upper hand in the match. The recent encounter between the two teams saw U Mumba triumph over UP Yoddhas with a scoreline of 34-31, further boosting their confidence and motivation heading into the upcoming showdown.

PKL 10
Head to Head Stats 

As the teams prepare to clash once again, U Mumba carries the momentum from their previous victory, aiming to capitalize on their winning streak. The margin of the last win against UP Yoddhas serves as a testament to their capabilities, fueling their eagerness to secure another triumph in the upcoming battle.

UP Yoddhas, on the other hand, are keenly aware of the importance of this match in reshaping their position on the points table. Motivated by the desire to turn the tide, they will be strategizing to overcome U Mumba's challenge and secure a crucial win in this high-stakes encounter.

Total Matches Played: 11

Matches won by U Mumba: 5

Matches won by UP Yoddhas: 5

Tied Matches: 1

The upcoming match promises to be a thrilling spectacle, with both teams hungry for success and determined to make a mark in the current season of Pro Kabaddi League. The evenly matched history and recent performance dynamics add an extra layer of excitement to this anticipated showdown between UP Yoddhas and U Mumba. Kabaddi enthusiasts are in for a treat as these two formidable teams prepare to lock horns and vie for supremacy on the kabaddi mat.