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19th Asian Games Hangzhou: India Vs Thailand Live Kabaddi updates & scores: India earn a massive 63-26 win to strengthen semi-finale chances

Good Morning Early birds and welcome to Kabaddi Adda's live coverage of Indian Kabaddi team's 2nd group stage match against Thailand. Find the starting line-ups below:

India: Nitesh Kumar, Parvesh, Vishal Bhardwaj Sunil Kumar, Arjun Deshwal, Pawan Kumar Sehrawat (c)

Thailand: Thanongsak Srihera (c), Rattanakon Yotsungnoen, Chanwit Wichian, Pramot Saising, Chayaphon Kamunee, Hasun Thongkruea, Peeradach Jantajam

2nd Half: 



IND 63-26 THA
- With only seven seconds left on the clock, Sunil Kumar enters the final raid of the match. He returns after a leisurely stroll in the opponent's territory, securing an effortless victory over Thailand.

IND 62-26 THA
- Sachin scores a point with a hand touch, adding to India's offensive prowess.

IND 60-26 THA
- A stellar defensive move! Nitesh and Parvesh collaborate to tackle Chayapho Kamunee, preventing India from conceding an all-out while gaining two points in defense. Sachin also gets a revival.

IND 59-26 THA
- Thailand manages to secure a raid point as India finds itself with only Aslam and Parvesh on the mat.

IND 59-25 THA
- Akash Shinde is tackled before Thailand earns a raid point, leaving India with just three players on the field.

IND 59-23 THA
- Thailand secures a touchpoint during the raid.

IND 59-22 THA
- Parvesh and Sunil combine their strength to successfully eliminate Chayaphon, earning India a defensive point.

IND 58-22 THA
- Akash earns a bonus point, further strengthening India's position.

IND 57-22 THA
- Thailand secures a defensive point after Sachin is tackled.

IND 57-21 THA
- Pawan attempts a solo tackle on Chayaphon but falls short as Thailand adds another point to their tally.

IND 57-20 THA
- Thailand secures a touchpoint, but Akash Shinde quickly responds with a touchpoint of Chakkaphod in the subsequent raid.

IND 56-19 THA
- Aslam Inamdar scores a raid point.

IND 55-18 THA
- Sachin escapes from an ankle hold attempt by Chayaphon.

IND 54-18 THA
- Pawan secures a bonus before being sent out with a quick running hand touch from Chayaphon during the raid.

IND 53-17 THA
- India accumulates two raid points before Chakkaphod's failed raid results in India enforcing a fourth all-out on Thailand.

IND 48-17 THA
- Peeradach and Thanongsak execute a SUPER TACKLE on Aslam, who attempts an unsuccessful frog jump over the defenders.

IND 48-15 THA
- Sunil effectively tackles Chayaphon, with Parvesh and Sunil displaying formidable defensive aggression.

IND 47-15 THA
- India secures another raid point before Nitesh gets eliminated by a hand touch in the defense.

IND 46-14 THA
- Nihit Rawal earns a defensive point with a well-timed dash, sending Theeradet Chaisit out.

IND 45-14 THA
- Akash Shinde outperforms Hasun to return with a touchpoint.

IND 44-14 THA
- Akash Shinde secures a couple of bonuses. Thailand also gains two touchpoints in the last few raids.

IND 41-10 THA
- India secures a defensive point after tackling Pramot, but Aslam is also tamed in the raid. He earns a bonus but ventures too deep and is eliminated.

IND 39-9 THA
- Akash Shinde scores a touchpoint while the right corner attempts an ankle hold.

1st Half:



IND 37-9 THA

- Pramot Saising, the last player on the court for Thailand, ventures into the raid, but he is swiftly brought down as India inflicts a third all-out right before halftime.

IND 34-9 THA
- Arjun Deshwal enters the raid but ventures too deep. Surrounded by three Thai defenders, he skillfully escapes with two touchpoints from Thanogsak and Hasun Thongkruea, leaving Thailand on the verge of a third all-out.

IND 32-9 THA
- Vishal secures an ankle hold on Theeradet, earning a second consecutive defensive point for India.

IND 31-9 THA
- Parvesh and Sunil combine forces to eliminate Chanwit Wichian and earn a defensive point.

IND 30-9 THA
- Indian raiders secure a bonus point and two touchpoints in the next couple of raids, further extending their lead.

IND 27-9 THA
- India secures a raid point before tackling the last Thai player, forcing a second all-out!

IND 23-8 THA
- Pawan enters the raid, seeking to clean up. He scores a point by kicking Rattanakon's face. The Indian captain quickly apologizes, but India gains a point nonetheless.

IND 22-7 THA
- A towering block by the Indian defense sends a Thai defender out, leaving them with just two players on the court.

IND 21-7 THA
- Arjun Deshwal swiftly secures a touchpoint, followed by Naveen earning a point in the raid.

IND 19-7 THA
- Captain Pawan Sehrawat takes on a defensive role, successfully holding Chayaphon Kamunee and executing a solo tackle to bring him down.

IND 19-7 THA
- Captain Pawan Sehrawat displayed his defensive prowess, executing a solo tackle on Chayaphon Kamunee and firmly bringing him down.

IND 18-7 THA
- Both India and Thailand secured a point each after Nattapong entered the lobby, but one of the Indian defenders followed him.

Score: IND 17-6 THA
- Rattanakon exhibited exceptional skill with a brilliant ankle hold to tackle Naveen.

IND 17-5 THA
- Pawan exhibited a sudden burst of acceleration, touching Hasun in the process.

IND 16-5 THA
- India secured a bonus point.

IND 15-5 THA
- The Thailand raider managed to send Naveen, Sunil, and Parvesh out, resulting in a Super raid!

IND 13-2 THA
- Arjun Deshwal entered the raid and swiftly touched Jantajam, bringing the score to 13-2 in favor of India.

IND 12-2 THA
- India didn't waste much time to inflict the first all-out on Thailand within the first few minutes.

- Thailand faced further setbacks as they lost two more players in the following raid, one during the raid and the other in defense.

- Pawan secured a bonus and touched Hasun Thongkruea during his raid.

- Winchian felt the force of the Indian defense, and Pawan capitalized with a bonus, extending India's lead.

- Naveen earned a bonus point.

- Wichian Chanwit swiftly touched Sunil Kumar during the raid.

- Pawan secured India's first points with a touchpoint on Peeradach Jantajam.

- Saising Pramot initiated the game, attempting a bonus but returning empty-handed.