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19th Asian Games Hangzhou Men's Kabaddi Final: India crowned Champions after a hard fought 33-29 win over Iran

Hello and a warm welcome to Kabaddi Adda's coverage of 19th Asian Games Men's Kabaddi Final at Hangzhou between India and reigining champions Iran. Iran started off the first 20 minutes well but ended blowing their lead towards the closing minutes of 1st half. 


The 2nd-half began in favor of India but it took a long time to complete te 40-minute match. A raid by Pawan Sehrawat had different opinions among the Indian and Iranian camps but eventually the decision went in favor of India and they win by 33-29. 




An experienced Iranian team starts well, collect touch points. 


India gain a point back


Vishal Bhardwaj goes out of the mat as Iran score a touch point


Pawan Sehrawat comes back with 2 points


Mohammadreza gets a point while Naveen also scores a touch point 


Pawan goes out as Iran gain a touch point


Chiyaneh again catches Naveen kumar


Aslam Inamdar gets a good touch point 


Mohammadreza gets 2 touch points and makes a diving effort to confirm it

Iran are looking confident and calm with 10 minutes left but head coach Mohammad Gholamreza gets a green card booking from referee


Pawan Sehrawat wins India's first point in a while

Poor indications by referee as they fail to call Iran's 3rd raid as Do-or-Die raid


Iran after a lenghty pause, get a touch point off that same Do-or-Die raid, lead back to 3 points


Naveen Kumar gets a touch point 


Naveen Kumar does it again. This time Nabibaksh tried to catch his knee but Naveen Express is too fast


Fazel Atrachali, the Captain lands a successful knee trap and sends Naveen Kumar back


Nitesh Kumar gets a defensive point


Pawan Sehrawat wins a touch point


Pawan Sehrawat pushes Irani defender Jamari off, scores now equal


India take the lead for the first time in this match as Aslam Inamdar does the ankle hold on Chiyaneh. Iran will be disappointed to blow the lead. 


Pawan Sehrawat once again he is back to his ways, India now gaining the lead, its getting interesting


Naveen Kumar helps inflicting the first all out of Iran and of the match. India despite struggling, finish 1st half with a 4-point lead. 


Nitin Rawal replaces Vishal Bhardwaj in left corner


Pawan Sehrawat registers 2nd-half's first point


What a Raid. Pawan Sehrawat pulls off a High flyer. He is really back to his best in the 2nd half. India looking refreshed. 


Iran get a touch point


Pawan Sehrawat thought of getting back with a point again but fails as Iran's defense stands up in front of him


India's right corner leaves the court after going out of the zone


Naveen Kumar gets a toe-touch point


Aslam Inamdar dives and touches Nabibaksh's toes


Pawan Sehrawat tried to bash but Irani raider gets a point back


Naveen Kumar does get a bonus point but Reza Mirbagheri gets a point for bashing him out


Nitin Rawal lands the toe trap successfully, India back rolling


Aslam Inamdar fails to come back with a point


Mohammadreza Chiyaneh the danger man gets two points back for Iran


Arjun Deshwal gets a bonus points Iran are all out and the scores are level. The match is intensifying with 10 minutes to go 


Naveen Kumar attempts a successful toe touch on Bastani


Shadloui the raider tries to get a point but fails and India gain 2-point lead


Pawan Sehrawat gets the point of Iran's Talisman Fazel Atrachali with 6 minutes left


Alireza Mirzaeian wins a bonus point for Iran


Iran Defender Zafar Danesh catches Naveen Kumar to cut India's lead


Mirzaeian wins a bonus point 

A lengthy, i mean extremely lengthly break has taken place in the finale because of a Raid by Pawan Sehrawat in which he moved out of the lobby without any Irani defender touching him. Iran demanded for a point while India asked for 4 points as Pawan was followed by 3 Irani defenders out of the lobby.  


Literally everyone in the audience are at their feet as the game has been paused for a very long time now. Discussions are taking place about the points, the referee first gave 1-1 points to both teams before changing it and giving 3 to India and 1 to Iran. But it is still not decided who is getting the point. The XSG Sports Centre has been totally silenced. 

For a fact, Terrible refereeing by the officials at 19th Asian Games in Kabaddi who are very confused and quite incompetent. 


India finally get the 3 points they received a long time ago and the game is set to resume after almost 30 minutes of pause. The Men in Blue regain the lead with 1 minute to go. 


Iran raider tries to get a point but gets blocked by India's defense. 


That's it. The match which was supposed to be a 40-minute affiar, lasted more than that as India were awarded the 3 controversial points and they have taken revenge over Iran who defeated them during the previous Asian Games edition.