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19th Asian Games: India Vs Bangladesh Kabaddi Live score: IND win their opening Group match by massive 37-point gap

Hello and a very warm welcome to Kabaddi Adda's live coverage of Indian Kabaddi team's first match at the Asian Games 2023 at Hangzhou, China. India take on neighbours Bangladesh in their opening fixture. 

India Starting 7: Nitesh Kumar, Aslam Inamdar, Parvesh Bhainswal, Surjeet Singh, Vishal Bhardwaj, Naveen Kumar and Pawan Sehrawat (C)

Bangladesh Starting 7: Tarafder Mohammad Tuhin (C), Rahman Md Miznaur, Monirul Chowdhury, Mia Md Sabuj, Amin Al, Hossain Md Roman, Hasan Md Rasel 


In the match between India and Bangladesh:

At the start of the match, Naveen scored a touchpoint for India, making it 1-0 in favor of India. India extended their lead with a bonus point in the next raid, bringing the score to 2-0. Naveen continued to perform well, securing another bonus point to make it 3-0 in India's favor.

Pawan added to India's lead with a successful raid, making it 5-0. Bangladesh's Al Amin scored a touchpoint for Bangladesh, putting them on the scoreboard at 5-1. Naveen executed a superb SUPER RAID, earning points by touching Monirul, Tuhin, and Rasel, bringing the score to 8-1.

India inflicted the first all-out on Bangladesh, taking the score to 11-2. Naveen continued his impressive performance, securing another touchpoint to make it 13-2. Arjun Deshwal extended India's lead with a touchpoint, making it 16-2.

Mijnaur earned a bonus point for Bangladesh before being tackled, resulting in a score of 17-4. Pawan Sehrawat, the Indian captain, was Super tackled  by Bangladesh, making it 17-4. Arjun Deshwal added another touchpoint for India, making it 18-4. Sha Mohammed Shahan scored a touchpoint for Bangladesh, bringing the score to 18-5.

Tuhin Tarafder executed a double thigh hold to tackle Naveen, making it 18-6. Arjun Deshwal touched Sabuj Mia to extend India's lead to 14 points, making it 18-6. Shahan earned a touchpoint for Bangladesh, making it 18-7.

Tuhin, Monirul, and Roman executed a SUPER TACKLE to send Naveen Kumar off the mat, reducing India's lead to 20-8. Arjun Deshwal scored a touchpoint for India, making it 20-9. Shahan went to the lobby while ducking from the defense, giving India a freebie point, bringing the score to 21-9.


India earned a bonus point in the raid, extending their lead to 22-9. India took a time-out with 58 seconds remaining in the first half. Sabuj Mia attempted an ankle hold on Naveen, but the Indian raider evaded successfully, securing a raid point, and the score was 23-9.

In the final moments of the first half, India led 24-9 after a tentative Monirul's unsuccessful tackle on Naveen resulted in a touchpoint for India.

Half-time: 24-9. 

2nd Half: 

Sachin Tanwar was brought into the match as a substitute player. Akash Shinde also joined the game simultaneously. Impressively, Akash Shinde earned his very first point during his debut raid.


As the second half began, India wasted no time and inflicted the first all-out on their opponents. Sachin Tanwar showcased his exceptional skills with a remarkable super raid, achieving this feat within just 2 minutes of the second half.

The Indian defense relentlessly wiped out the entire Bangladeshi defense for a 2nd all-out. It is not looking good for the Bangla Tigers who couldn't have accepted anything less than this. India are all over the place and a win is just a matter of time.  

Meanwhile, demonstrating an aggressive approach, India initiated the second half, and within slightly over 5 minutes, they reached an impressive total of 40 points.

India extend their lead even further. With just over 5 minutes remaining on the clock, ndia has surged past the 50-point threshold. Sachin enters the raid and successfully secures two raid points. As we approach the final 5 minutes of the match, there has been no sign of Aslam making a move thus far.


Bangladesh executed yet another superb Super tackle, showcasing moments of defensive brilliance. This time, Akash Shinde found himself out of play.

The score stands at India 54-13 Bangladesh. Nitesh secured a point by effectively tackling Shahan with a right ankle hold, while Sachin also contributed with a point in the raid. Scoreline now 54-15. 

The score stands at IND 55-15 BAN. Following this, Mijnaur substituted out Monirul and entered the raid, only to be tackled and taken out of play.

During Akash Shinde's raid, he faced yet another Super tackle. Tuhin, Liton Ali, and Arif Rabbani teamed up to ruthlessly tackle the young Indian raider. However, its not enough for Bangladesh as India secure the win by 55-18. 

India commences its Kabaddi campaign in impressive fashion, concluding the initial pool match with a dominant victory, securing a 37-point lead over Bangladesh.

The Men in Blue will now take on Thailand in their next Asian Games 2023 Group A match from 6:00 AM onwards.