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19th Asian Games Women's Kabaddi: Ritu Negi's India clinch Gold in a breathtaking 1-point over Chinise Taipei

2nd Half

The Women's kabaddi team from India achieved a significant milestone by securing their 100th medal. They clinched gold in a thrilling final against Chinese Taipei, winning with a score of (26-25).


In the final moments, Chinese Taipei pushed India to their limits, narrowly missing victory by just one point. However, India maintained their composure and displayed remarkable performance in the last two raids, ultimately securing the gold medal in women's kabaddi.

Chinise Taipei get a Bonus point but its not enough (26-25). 


In the closing minutes of the match, Pushpa secured a crucial touch point, extending India's lead to two points (26-24).

Lin's raid in the dying moments failed to yield any points for Chinese Taipei (25-24).

Pushpa claimed a touch point, although initially not awarded, after some deliberation by the officials. Despite Chinese Taipei's attempt to review the decision, it remained unsuccessful, resulting in India gaining an additional point (25-24)

Feng made a comeback in her raid and managed to secure a touch point from the left corner defender, leveling the score at (24-24).

A self-out by a defender from Chinese Taipei allowed Feng to once again get the better of Priyanka. Pushpa quickly secured a touch point, giving India a one-point lead, prompting a timeout (24-23)

Sakshi and Priyanka experienced a miscommunication, handing an easy point to Feng, further intensifying the contest (22-21).

Pooja's impressive performance earned her two touch points, enabling India to take the lead (22-21).

India secured a quick bonus point, but their review for a touch point was unsuccessful. They were awarded only a touch point without the bonus (20-21).

Chinese Taipei initiated the first all-out of the game, leaving India in a precarious situation. Pooja entered the lobby without a touch, leaving only two players on the mat for India. In a dramatic turn of events, both a self-out by India and a touch point for Chinese Taipei resulted in Chinese Taipei inflicting an all-out (19-21).

With only three Indian players on the mat, Feng had no choice but to leave the raid empty-handed (19-16).

Pushpa claimed a touch point and entered the lobby, which was initially contested but eventually granted by the referees. However, Chinese Taipei's review was successful, leading to one point being awarded to them (19-16). India then called for a timeout.

Feng entered the raid and successfully secured a touch point from the center defender (19-15).

In another raid, Lin was tackled by India's captain, Ritu Negi, with a strong thigh hold, earning an additional point for India (19-14).

Feng's subsequent raid was empty, with only four Indian players on the mat. Pooja seized another bonus point, extending India's lead to four points (18-14).

Pooja secured yet another bonus point, further widening India's lead (17-14).

Feng returned to raid but failed to score, prompting Chinese Taipei to call for a review, possibly for a self-out by Sakshi. The review was successful, resulting in Sakshi being sent to the bench (16-14).

With just three Indian players on the mat, Yu Chen Hu successfully reached the midline, bringing Chinese Taipei closer (16-13).

Yu Chen Hu earned a bonus point in her raid (16-12).

In Yu Chen Hu's first raid attempt, she returned empty-handed. Chinese Taipei executed a super tackle, overpowering Pushpa with their three-member defense (16-11).

Pooja executed a running hand touch on the right corner, expanding India's lead (16-9).

The second half began with Lin's raid, but India commenced on a positive note by securing a tackle point (15-9).

1st Half

At halftime, India leads with a score of 14 - 9 against Chinese Taipei, holding a five-point advantage as they head into the second half. The match had been fairly balanced until Pooja's game-changing four-point raid propelled India into a commanding position.

Throughout the game, Feng has posed a constant threat, prompting the Indian defense to focus on restraining her.

In the match, India secured a bonus point, and for the first time, Feng was successfully tackled, with Sakshi Kumari executing the tackle from the left corner.

Nidhi Sharma came close to crossing the midline but fell short, resulting in a tackle point for Chinese Taipei.

Both teams quickly earned two raid points each, leading to a timeout called by Chinese Taipei.

Pooja executed a super raid, accumulating three touch points and a bonus point for India. There was some confusion as India also called for a review during this play, ultimately securing three touch points and a bonus.

In a crucial "do or die" raid for Chinese Taipei, Lin attempted to raid, and Ritu Negi handed an easy point to Chinese Taipei with a self-out.

Feng attempted a running hand touch on Ritu Negi but failed, and Nidhi Sharma secured a bonus point for India.

Pooja easily earned an additional bonus point for India.

A timeout was called by India as Feng had been the standout player of the match so far, and the Indian team had been cautious in pursuing tackle points against her.

Nidhi Sharma opted for an empty raid, and Feng managed to touch Priyanka with a nonchalant toe touch, bringing the scores level at 5 - 5.

Pooja executed a graceful toe touch on the right corner defender, giving India a slender lead of 6 - 5.

Feng earned another point with a touch on the left corner, and Pooja immediately responded with a touch point of her own, making it 7 - 6.

India secured a bonus point, while Feng's subsequent raid turned out to be empty, maintaining the score at 7 - 6.

Feng executed the game's first super raid, accumulating three points for Chinese Taipei, now leading 9 - 7.

Pushpa scored with a running hand touch, eliminating the right corner defender, extending India's lead to 10 - 7.

Pooja initiated the match with a bonus point, opening India's account at 1 - 0.