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19th Asian Games Men's Kabaddi: India Top Group A with 50-27 win over Chinise Taipei

In a high-stakes Kabaddi matchup, India emerged triumphant with a resounding 23-point victory, closing the game with a scoreline of 50-27. However, despite this comfortable win, India acknowledges the need to rectify some shortcomings as they prepare to face the formidable Iran in future encounters.

Chinese Taipei, their opponents in this thrilling match, demonstrated impressive prowess in both defensive and offensive aspects of the game, outperforming the other teams in their group.


One notable highlight came towards the end of the game when a Chinese Taipei raider secured a bonus point, but India ultimately secured the victory with a final score of 50-27. Throughout the match, there were several noteworthy moments.

For instance, Hao-Cheng Yu and Tzu-Ming Huang executed an exceptional super tackle on Akash Shinde, showcasing Chinese Taipei's defensive capabilities and earning valuable points.

Hao-Wei Li of India was tackled by the formidable Indian defense, marking a crucial moment as India reached the 50-point mark. However, there were occasional missteps, such as Chia-Ming Chang's error, which gifted a free point to Akash Shinde, adding to India's point tally.

Chinese Taipei managed to secure points during their raids, while Sachin from India consistently contributed to his team's score with well-executed raids.

A standout moment occurred when Sachin executed a super raid, amassing three points and reducing Chinese Taipei to just four players on the mat. Jyun-Jie Li of Chinese Taipei managed to secure a point by tagging an Indian defender during his raid. Aslam Inamdar contributed to India's points with a bonus point during one of his raids.

The game also witnessed dramatic moments, such as when Taipei successfully inflicted an all-out on India, leaving Nitesh as the last man standing. Sachin attempted to rescue India from an all-out but was ultimately tackled by Taipei.

However, the presence of a defender from each team going out of bounds resulted in one point for both sides, narrowly averting the all-out and preserving India's lead in points.

At halftime, the score stood at IND 28-12 TPE, with Chinese Taipei threatening an all-out. However, the halftime mark became a pivotal turning point as Zheng-Wei Chen executed a super raid, earning four raid points and reducing India to just one player on the mat.

Pawan Sehrawat of India was tackled by Taipei's left corner defender, while Chung-Hao Tsai secured two points for Taipei during his raid. Naveen Kumar, on the other hand, contributed to India's points by securing a point during his raid.

Ultimately, the game featured intense back-and-forth exchanges, with both teams accumulating points at various junctures. India's victory with a significant point margin puts them in a favorable position in Group A, likely setting up a semifinal clash against Pakistan.