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19th Asian Games Hangzhou: Women's Kabaddi: India thrash Korea by 56-23

A very warm welcome to Kabaddi Adda's live coverage of Indian Women Kabaddi team's second Group stage match against Korea at the 19th Asian Games 2023 at Hangzhou. India played out a frustrating 34-34 draw against Chinise Taipei in their opening Group A match and today Ritu Negi's side will be aiming to win all 2 points. 

India's Starting 7: Sakshi Kumar, Pushpa, Nidhi Sharma, Priyanka, Ritu Negi (C), Pooja and Jyoti. Substitutes: Susham Sharma, Muskan Malik, Pooja, Akshima and Snehal Shinde. Coach: Bai V Tejaswini and Kavitha Selvaraj

Korea's Starting 7: Kim Heejeong (C), Park Jiyi, Seulji Lee, Yuri Yoon, Kim Jiyoung, An Myeongeun and Jo Hyuna. Substitutes: Hyunjeoung Lee, Kyungseo Moon, Heejeun Woo and Dahiye Choi. Coach: Taedeok Jee and Youngmo Yang. 

Group A Points Table: 

The Indian and Korean teams enter the court for both of them's 2nd Group A fixture



India's lead is just increasing as Pushpa scores a terrific running hand touch. 


Korean number scores a good Running hand touch as well. 


Indian left-corner Sakshi dashes and Thumps Korean raider. An incredible effort sees India closing on 50 points. 


Korea suffer another All-out as India's defense as well as offense is running the show. 


Korean raider gets a touch point


India wins another touch point and Korea number 88 did a pursuit but referee denied it. 


Pooja Hathwala secures a 2 point raid. 


Another bash by India's defense as Korean number 88 got her ankle trapped.


A Super tackle by 2 Korean defenders


Korea raider gets another point but they trail too heavy


A good few minutes for Korea as they score 3 consecutive points


India score a half-century of points but Indian defense's strong and rash challenge leaves Korean raider at the edge of mat. 

Stoppage in Game due to concussion 

IND 51-21 KOR
Pushpa Rana secured a touchpoint during her raid.

IND 51-22 KOR
Hyunjeong Lee requested a bonus while on a raid, prompting Korea to initiate a review after the referee denied the bonus point. The review ultimately helped Korea secure a point.

IND 52-22 KOR
Substituting for Hyunjeong Lee, Seulji Lee attempted a raid but was promptly tackled, leaving Korea with only two players on the mat.

IND 53-22 KOR
With just 15 seconds left on the clock, Pushpa Rana initiated a raid, returning with a touchpoint as only Hyunjeong Lee remained on the mat for Korea. With 6 seconds remaining, the question arose: could she prevent India from securing a fifth all-out?

IND 56-23 KOR
Hyunjeong Lee embarked on a raid, compelled to go deep into the Indian defense. Consequently, she conceded a tackle point after securing a bonus, sealing the match with India giving 5th all-out.


Full time
Following a disappointing 34-34 tie against Chinese Taipei, the Indian women’s team swiftly rebounded with a convincing 33-point victory over South Korea, reigniting their Asian Games campaign. They are now set to face Thailand on October 4.



Pushpa Rana executed a raid with just 2 seconds remaining on the clock, effortlessly achieving a CLEAN-UP ACT and inflicting a THIRD ALL-OUT on Korea right at the stroke of half-time.

IND 28-9 KOR
  - Pushpa Rana secured a point in a raid, reducing Korea to only two players.

IND 27-9 KOR
  - A Korean defender managed to secure a bonus but was subsequently tackled by the Indian defense.

IND 26-8 KOR
  - Pushpa Rana quickly earned a point in a raid after the Korean defense's failed attempt to tackle her.

IND 25-8 KOR
  - Hyunjeong was effectively thwarted by Indian captain Ritu Negi.

IND 24-8 KOR
  - India was awarded a bonus and a touchpoint after a review.

IND 22-8 KOR
  - Jiyi Park was tackled, leading to India imposing a second all-out on South Korea in the first half, with over two minutes remaining on the clock.

IND 17-7 KOR
  - Heejong's raid was countered by Sakshi's quick ankle hold, sending her out.

IND 16-7 KOR
  - Pushpa Rana's raid against three Korean defenders resulted in her being thrown out by Heejeong Kim, Hyumjeong Lee, and Jiyoung Kim. A "SUPER TACKLE" was awarded to Korea, and Rana reviewed the decision. The verdict remained the same, giving Korea two "SUPER TACKLE" points.

IND 16-5 KOR
  - Pooja evaded her opponents and secured a touchpoint against Jiyoung Kim.

IND 15-5 KOR
  - Hyunjeong Lee, during her raid, got a touchpoint from Pushpa.

IND 15-4 KOR
  - Pooja's raid resulted in an easy touchpoint against Hyuna Jo.

IND 14-4 KOR
  - Hyunjeong Lee and Hyuna Jo secured back-to-back bonuses, followed by Pushpa getting a touchpoint.

IND 13-2 KOR
  - Yuri Yoon made an error against Pooja, giving away a point.

IND 12-2 KOR
  - Pushpa scored a raid point by touching Korean captain Heejong Kim.

IND 11-2 KOR
  - India imposed the first all-out on Korea in under five minutes.

  - Pooja secured two raid points and an additional touchpoint in the following raid.

  - India scored multiple points in a single raid.

  - Pooja's raid from the left corner resulted in her returning safely, and Hyuna Jo attempted to touch Pooja in return.

  - Korea's Seulji Lee initiated the match with a raid but returned empty-handed.