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Top 3 raiders in YKS TN Clubs 2024

Yuva Kabaddi Series Tamil Nadu Clubs 2024 (YKS TN Clubs 2024) saw VELS University clinch the title. The VELS defeated Karpagam University in the finale, played on June 6. In their championship journey, raider Sathish Kannan Suryan was one of the key players who scored 141 raid points. Meanwhile, throughout the tournament many other raiders also performed brilliantly for their respective teams.

1. Ganganath Krishnan

Ganganath Krishnan established himself as the most lethal raider in the YKS TN Clubs 2024. Over 14 matches, he attempted a whopping 223 raids, the highest among all raiders. His ability to outwit defenders and secure crucial touch points was unmatched. Krishnan accumulated a staggering 161 raid points, averaging an impressive 11.5 raid points per match.

Krishnan's raiding mastery wasn't just about raw numbers. His efficiency was equally commendable. He boasted a raid strike rate of 72.19%. Furthermore, Krishnan displayed his all-around raiding skills by executing 4 super raids. He also achieved 8 "Super 10s," a feat accomplished when a raider scores 10 or more points in a single match.

2. Sathish Kannan Suryan

Following Krishnan on the leaderboard was Sathish Kannan Suryan, another raider who impressed with his agility and technique. Suryan participated in 15 matches and attempted 189 raids. While his total raid points (141) fell slightly behind Krishnan's, Suryan maintained a commendable raid strike rate of 74.60%.


Suryan's strength lies in his ability to do successful super raids. He executed a total of 8 super raids. Additionally, Suryan achieved a remarkable 10 "Super 10s," highlighting his ability to dominate raids and score high points.

3. Noushad Ali

Noushad Ali rounds out the top 3 raiders in the YKS TN Clubs 2024. Ali participated in 12 matches and attempted 181 raids. He secured 127 raid points, averaging 10.58 points per match. While his raid strike rate (70.16%) was slightly lower than the top two raiders, Ali displayed a well-rounded approach to raiding.

Ali's strength lies in his ability to adapt his raiding style based on the situation. He secured 16 bonus points throughout the tournament. Additionally, Ali achieved 4 super raids and 8 "Super 10s."

The exceptional performances of Ganganath Krishnan, Sathish Kannan Suryan, and Noushad Ali have highlighted the importance of raiders in Kabaddi. Their ability to score points, disrupt defenses, and execute strategic moves significantly impacts the outcome of a match. As Kabaddi continues to evolve, the role of the raider will remain central to the sport's excitement and strategy.