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Yuva Kabaddi Series: Big Prize Money Up for Grabs in the Inaugural YKS TN Clubs 2024

The much-awaited Yuva Kabaddi Series (YKS) is all set to kick off its first-ever tournament in Tamil Nadu - the YKS Tamil Nadu Clubs (TNC) 2024. Get ready for high-octane action starting from May 6th, as 16 teams battle it out for the coveted title and a chance to claim a hefty prize.

This inaugural edition will be held in Chennai, at the Vellammal Bodhi Campus in Ponneri. Even if you can't make it to the venue in person, worry not - Just like past YKS seasons, all the matches will be streamed live on the Fancode app and website.

Prize money on offer in the YKS TN Clubs 2024:

The team that emerges victorious after conquering all challengers will be crowned the champion of the YKS TN Clubs 2024. The champions will also be rewarded handsomely with a grand prize of a whopping 20 lakh rupees. That's a significant sum of money that could be a game-changer for the winning team and the kabaddi players involved.

Runners-Up to Sixth Place

The winning team might take home the biggest prize, but there's plenty to fight for throughout the tournament. The team that finishes as the runner-up will walk away with a respectable sum of 10 lakh rupees. This substantial reward acknowledges the exceptional skills and performance of the team throughout the competition.

The third-placed team will also be rewarded for their commendable performance, receiving a prize of 5 lakh rupees. This ensures that high performance is acknowledged and rewarded throughout the tournament, motivating teams to give their all on the mat.

Even teams that fall short of reaching the podium positions will have something to show for their efforts. The fourth-placed team will still receive a prize of 2 lakh rupees. Furthermore, the fifth-placed team will not return empty-handed. They will be awarded a prize of 1 lakh rupees, highlighting the importance of every team and every match played throughout the YKS TN Clubs 2024.


The excitement doesn't stop at the top five. Even the sixth-placed team will be acknowledged for their participation and display of skill. They will receive a prize of 50 thousand rupees.

The prize money structure of the YKS TN Clubs 2024 ensures that every team has something to fight for. From the champions who bag the grand prize to the teams that fall short of the podium, there's a sense of reward and recognition for all participants. This not only motivates the teams to deliver their best performances but also adds to the overall spirit and competitiveness of the tournament.

The YKS TN Clubs 2024 promises to be an unforgettable tournament filled with nail-biting matches, and the ultimate quest for Kabaddi supremacy.