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Paltan end Telugu's play-off dream with a 53-50 win

Puneri Paltan registered their second win against Telugu Titans in the Pro Kabaddi 2019, winning 53-50 in the match number 119 at Tau Devilal Sports Complex in Panchkula. While Pune was already out of the race for the play-offs, the defeat for the Titans meant that their dream to secure a place in the top six comes to an end. The Paltans showed an all-round performance as they dominated the Titans for most of the game. 

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Sushanth Sails as Pune get a scrappy 3 point win against Telugu| Telugu 50-53 Pune

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The match saw a three-year-old record break as both the teams set a record for the most number of points (103) scored in a single match. The previous record of 101 points was created in the match between Dabang Delhi KC and Patna Pirates when the later had registered a dominating 67-34 win. It was also the first time in the Pro Kabaddi history when both the teams touch 50-point mark.

Playing their penultimate match, it was all about the pride for the Paltans. They started the match with a successful tackle on Siddharth Desai, with Manjeet and Sushant Sail putting out back to back successful raids. Desai's next raid also remained an unsuccessful one and Pune went on to inflict the first all-out on the Titans in the 6th minute of the match to take 10-3 lead. In the very next raid, Nitin Tomar picked up two touch-points to further increase the lead.

Pune continued to dominate the Titans, with the second all-out coming in the 14th minute. Titans then tried to put pressure on the Paltan and reduced them to just two men. However, a couple of Super Tackles meant Pune going into the half time with a huge 31-16 lead. Pune skipper Surjeet Singh completed his High 5 as he got hold of Farhad Milaghardan in the second Super Tackle.

For Pune, Manjeet and Sushant picked up a Super 10 each while Surjeet Singh got a High 5. Rakesh Gowda scored 17 points for the Titans and was supported by Farhad's 10 points

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In the first minute of the second half, Sushant went on to pick a four touch-point raid, which was followed by a two-point raid by Manjeet and a third all-out on the Titans. At this point, Pune were comfortably leading 40-17 with 17 minutes remaining in the match. Titans started to make a comeback in the match with Rakesh Gowda picking up a four-point raid and also completing his Super 10. 

It was a resurgence time for the Titans when they got two all outs on the Paltans within just six minutes of the gap. With seven minutes remaining into the match, Pune were leading by just eight points as the Titans inched closer to them. While Pune continued to lead, Emad Sedaghatnia's Super Raid in the 37th minute was the final nail in the coffin as Pune never gave away their lead till the match ended. 

Sushant Sail completes a successful raid
Sushant Sail completes a successful raid. Image courtesy: Pro Kabaddi


Manjeet gets a running touch point on Titans' player
Manjeet gets a running touch point on Titans' player. Image courtesy: Pro Kabaddi


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Puneri Paltan is out of the qualification race and with an outrageous miracle, Telugu Titans may just be able to qualify. But first, they need to win today. Last time these teams met, Paltans dominated Siddharth Desai except for a brief period at the start of the second half. Can they replicate that performance when nothing is at stake? Titans have seen some crushing form from Siddharth Desai in the recent games. They will be hoping for more of the same today against a struggling Pune. Can Titans keep their slim hope alive? Will Nitin Tomar finally hit form for the Paltans? Will they get their defense to perform consistently. Starting the rebuild for next season today will be key to the Paltans. Can they put a strong foot forward?

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Siddharth Desai VS. Surjeet Singh | Puneri Paltan Vs. Telugu Titans | M118 PKL7 Kaun Jeetega

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