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Resilient Fortunegiants defense repels Bulls charge in last season's finale rematch

Vivo Pro Kabaddi 2019 witnessed a rematch of last season's finale as it kick-started, the second day with match 3 where in Bengaluru Bulls locked horns against Gujarat Fortunegiants. Fortunegiants' coach, Manpreet Singh surprised most people with the inclusion of debutants - Sumit Malik and Ankit at the defensive corners.


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Rohit Kumar started the proceedings for Bulls with a rather unusual empty raid. Leading the raid attack for Fortunegiants, Sachin smartly picked out last season's MVP, Pawan Kumar Sehrawat in his first raid, which was straightaway reviewed by the Bulls, only to be adjudged as an unsuccessful one by the match officials. The Fortunegiants gained a strong momentum early on in the first half and seemed like they would enforce an early All-Out on Bulls. However, Mahender Singh put in a Super Tackle ensuring the Fortunegiants did not have it entirely their way.

Eventually, a combination of some effective raiding spells by Sachin Tanwar and solid defensive holdouts by the team inflicted the first All-Out of the match on the Bulls 11 minutes into the first half. More G B and Rohit-Gulia completed successful raids, while brothers Sunil Kumar and Sumit Malik held the defense firmly. This led to the Bulls succumbing to a second All-Out of the match with barely a minute remaining for half time and went into the break trailing Fortunegiants 21-10.

The second half saw Fortunegiants maintaining the same momentum, with their defense rendering Pawan Sehrawat and Rohit Kumar clueless on few occasions and the some clinical raiding from G B More and Sachin Tanwar. 7 minutes into the second half, Pawan Sehrawat rallied in with a 4-point Super Raid giving Bengaluru Bulls some hope of making a comeback.


Almost every effort towards building momentum for a comeback by the defending champions was halted by the composed Fortunegiants defenders who put in an airtight defensive display.


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Soon, a Super Raid by substitute, Sonu Jaglan deflated the Bulls. Subsequently, a third All-Out was inflicted upon Bulls making it 36-21 with 5 minutes left on the clock.

Bengaluru Bulls tried clawing their way back to cut-short the huge lead by the Fortunegiants, but the opposition's constricting defense made life difficult for them and saw them end the match at a scoreline of 42-24.

Gujarat vs Bengaluru Bulls score card
Cornerstones of Gujarat Fortunegiants - Sachin, Sunil and Parvesh just dominated the Bengaluru Bulls


HIGHLIGHT: Sachin Tanwar in action against Bengaluru Bulls
Sachin was a class act never going off the mat. Courtesy: Vivo Pro Kabaddi


HIGHLIGHT: Pawan Kumar Sehrawat in action against the Fortunegiants
Pawan just could not break the Gujarat defense on the day. Courtesy: Vivo Pro Kabaddi



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Pawan Sehrawat crushed the Gujarat Fortunegiants and captain Sunil Kumar's plan and brought the Bulls a Championship after having five dry seasons.

Manpreet Singh on the other side was a rookie coach who took a new group of youngsters like Sachin Tanvar, Sunil Kumar and Parvesh Bhainswal to 2 straight finals as they were defeated both times.

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