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Prapanjan's brilliance helps Bengal Warriors to go to the second spot

A closely fought match eventually rests in the favor of Bengal Warriors with a score of 28-26. The heroics of K Prapanajan throughout the match helped Bengal Warriors to win their first-ever match against Gujarat Fortunegiants. The comeback by defender Sunil Kumar of the Gujarat Fortunegiants was great to watch but was not enough to have the final laugh. After this victory, Bengal Warriors climb onto the second spot in the PKL points table.

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HIGHLIGHTS How Bengal Warriors destroy Fortunegiants

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The first half of the match was full of errors from both sides in terms of defense. The hero for Warriors in the first half was none other than Mohammad Nabibakhsh, who helped Bengal to inflict the very first all out of the match. The defense of Gujarat looked very shattered in this half and finally the score after the first half was 17-12 in favor of Bengal.

Bengal Warriors reach 2nd spot on the point table after winning a thriller.

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The second half of the match was adrenaline riser. Initially, the Warriors started scoring points easily and swiftly. Then came a storm called Sunil Kumar which deforested the raiding tactics of raiders, which led to the foundation of 2 super tackles in a row which made the scoreline as 26-26. The raiding efficiency of Sachin Tawar looked great. After this, there was yet another twist to happen in the match where Vinod Kumar of Gujarat smartly made two empty raids forcing Bengal to come for the Do or Die raid. But the star of the match, In the last 12 seconds, K Prapanjan went for the final raid and by a short margin, the Bengal Warriors emerged as victorious. The best raider of the match was not other than K Prapanjan with a sum tally of 8 points. Thus the Warriors emerged out as victorious with a scoreline of 28-26.

After 1st half, Gujarat Fortunegiants managed to reduce score difference but couldn't take the victory.


jeresy pulling
Raid when Parvesh pulled star raiders' jersey and awarded to go to bench. Image courtesy: Vivo Pro Kabaddi


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Can Fortunegiants change their fortunes against the Warriors?

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