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Athul MS makes sure Tamil Thalaivas go win-less in Chennai

U Mumba won the match with the score of 24-29 against Tamil Thalaivas in their last home match. The home leg curse continued for Thalaivas also. Ajay Thakur did not get any point in second half, only 3 points in 1st half. Tamil defense caught napping Sandeep takes extra point on Sagar. Athul MS dominates his former team, top scorer for the match with 7 points.

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Tamil Thalaivas & Rahul Chaudhary fail to secure a win at home vs U Mumba

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Five reasons why Tamil Thalaivas lost their last home leg match

1. Referees in spotlight, controversial decisions - Multiple reviews, multiple disagreements on both sides.

2. U Mumba down to 2 men, poor refereeing, Super 'tackle' dive by Harendra Kumar.

3. Ajay Thakur had a weak game as captain & player, scored 0 points in the second half.

4. Tamil defense caught napping, Sandeep takes extra point on Sagar.

5. Athul MS dominates his former team, top scorer for the match with 7 points


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In the first Half, Tamil was on a lead but Athul MS helped U Mumba to get the game back, Poor referee changed the game in U Mumba favor. 


Mohit blocked
Amazing tackle by Mohit did reverse back hold, got Ran Singh's supports to take down Athul MS. Image Courtesy: Vivo Pro Kabaddi


rahul dashed
Fazel showed fantastic speed to dash Rahul, Unfortunately, Rahul Choudhari's hand crossed midline from the lobby. Image Courtesy: Vivo Pro Kabaddi


Match Preview: Can Thalaivas over come the home leg curse ?

Tamil Thalaivas and U Mumba have faced each other 3 times across season 5 & 6, where U Mumba have an upper hand with 2 wins. U Mumba, in the last 5 games have 3 losses and 2 wins with LWLWL record, whereas Tamil Thalaivas looking like a defensive team after Manjeet has not played in the last 2 games. Fazel, who is in the 10th position of top defenders list will face experienced players like Ajay Thakur and Rahul Chaudhari. On the other hand, Ran Singh is leading the defense for Thalaivas, will the Thalaivas go winless in their home leg?


Head to Head: Thalaivas vs Mumba


Kaun Jeetega - Ajay Thakur vs Fazel Atrachali | Tamil Thalaivas vs U Mumba

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