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Telugu Titans edge past Tamil Thalaivas with the brilliance of Desai duos and defender Vishal Bharadwaj

After 40 minutes of intense kabaddi, Telugu Titans had the last laugh against Tamil Thalaivas with a scoreline of 35-30 at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru on Monday. Baahubali Siddharth Desai from Telugu Titans and Ajith Kumar from Tamil Thalaivas were undoubtedly the best raiders of the match. On the other hand, Vishal Bharadwaj of Telugu team, stood out to be the best defender with 6 tackle points.

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HIGHLIGHTS | Siddharth Desai beats Rahul Chaudhari |Telugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas

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The first half of the match was full of ups and downs as both the teams looked to show aggressive intent. Initially, Telugu Titans were flawless as they were leading the half by 6-0 in the first 5 minutes of the half. This was only possible due to raiding duo Desai brothers of Telugu side. It was not too late when Ajith Kumar and Rahul Chaudhari stepped in and started digging out successful raids for the Tamil side. Having just performed better than the Thalaivas side, Telugu side took a lead of 4 points and closed on this half with a scoreline of 18-14.

Telugu Titans win a thriller against Tamil Thalaivas and edge ahead on the points table.

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At the start of the second half Tamil side with the help of Ajith Kumar inflicted first all out of the match. The counter-attack of Telugu side was brilliant as after infliction of all-out Vishal Bharadwaj made a super tackle which made Telugu Titans come back in this game with a lead of 4 points. Following this Telugu Titans inflicted an all-out, which sent Tamil side straight away to backfoot as there were only four minutes of gameplay remaining. Eventually, after a hard-fought battle, Telugu Titans managed to wrap up the match with a score difference of mere 5 points. 

Sid Desai powers Telugu to a much needed win against Tamil
Siddharth Desai powers Telugu to a much needed win against Tamil Thalaivas.


Failure of Tamil veterans Rahul and Manjeet Manjeet scores just 2 points in 7 tackles Rahul scores 2, Ran Singh 2 and Mohit just 1
Failure of Tamil veterans Rahul and Manjeet. Manjeet scores just 2 points in 7 tackles, Rahul scores 2, Ran Singh 2 and Mohit just 1. Image courtesy: Vivo Pro Kabaddi


Match Preview: Thalaivas in a mini-slump, need to find a way against Telugu corners

A bottom of the table clash and both teams need a win to keep playoff qualification hopes alive. Thalaivas looked like a strong after their first 6 games, where they all their defeats were with a 1 point margin and a few performances here or there would have given them very different confidence. Post that though they have been winless in their last 6 games with 5 losses and a solitary tie against the Paltans. Can they turn around their season for the next 10 games? Thalaivas will be smarting from a defeat against the bulls and how they have recovered from that defeat will have a big say on their focus for today's game. Titans also are coming in on a back of a defeat to the Paltans. It is a game they would feel they should have won. How both these teams put behind their most recent disappointments and show up with vigor to deliver a match-winning performance will be a big driver of the final result. Both teams have a strong super tackle track record this season. Telugu in its most recent game set the record for the most number of tackle points in the first half of a match. Which teams defense will deliver a master class for the remainder of the season. Or will we see a low scoring tie?

Head to head: Telugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas 

Telugu Titans is playing against Tamil Thalaivas


Kaun Jeetega | Rahul Chaudhari score Super10 against Telugu Titans

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