Kabaddi Adda

Prokabaddi season 6 - Day 1 Puneri Paltan Vs. U Mumba a scintillating tie

Yes its Kabaddi 30 seconds is enough to change the course of the game, as the Maharashtra derby finishes on 32-32 equal score. First half of the game was closely contested, Siddharth Desai and Nitin Tomar did the job for their respective teams.

Nitin Tomar delivered as anticipated, he scored 15 raid points for his team on the other hand Siddharth Desai scored 14 raid points for his team, and Siddharth Desai was a delight to watch on the mat.

Fazel Atrachhali and Dharmaraj Cheralathan hold the forte on the corners and Dharmaraj Cheralathan  proved age is just a number, his great tackle in the 40th minute sent Nitin Tomar to the bench.
A clever raid by Monu in the last minute helped tie the match at 32-32. The moment of the match came in the last seconds as Puneri Paltan stopped Siddharth Desai from crossing the white line and tackled him.