How U Mumba edged out the arch rivals Puneri Paltan in the Maharashtra derby

U Mumba without Siddharth Desai for the first time in season 6, completely depending on the 2nd line of attack, and Puneri Paltan without Nitin Tomar, but  when U Mumba don't had their lead raider on mat it was defense which made the Puneri Paltan attack silent, and it was one of the worst performance by Puneri Paltan raiders. While young Abhishek Singh was impressive in the Maharashtrian Derby and fetched seven raid points. 

In the absence of Nitin Tomar, Deepak Dahiya was entrusted with raiding duties but he disappointed and just scored 2 points in his 7 raids, while GB More scored 4 points out of 9 raids, Akshay Jadhav was top scorer with 5 raid points in 11 raids.

Deepak started the raid and got a point, while Abhishek Singh went back empty, in the second minute Darshan Kadian scored 2 points and Puneri Paltan could score their 2nd point in the 6th minute and it was a super tackle led by Monu and once again Pune picked consistent super tackle points. U Mumba inflicted the first all-out in the 12th minute and Puneri Paltan were trailing by 7 points, and at the stroke of half-time score was, 10-19.   

In the second half Puneri Paltan tried a come-back with back to back super tackles but the moment of the match was successful do-or-die raid by Abhishek Singh in 33rd minute which sent Sandeep Narwal and GB More on bench and ultimately lead to an all-out on Pune in the 34th minute. Once again Fazel Atrachhali was at his best with his 4 tackle points in 5 tackle attempts.