Prokabaddi Season 6 Match 12 Puneri Paltan Vs. Dabang Delhi - Post Match Review

Prokabaddi Season 6 day 6, Delhi registered its first win in the campaign, while #PuneriPaltan loses the first on the inaugural day of Haryana leg.

On the inaugural day of Haryana leg it was an all-round performance by #DabangDelhi that fetched them this hard-earned victory against Puneri Paltan, who were heavily dependent on Nitin Tomar.

Nitin Tomar was on fire with his 20 raid points in 23 raids with this he also completed 300 raid points in prokabaddi. It was the second raider missing in the Puneri Paltan side while the Delhi Dabang defense earned the Dabang's first win.

It was Chandran Ranjit who started raiding from Delhi side and scored a point in the first raid, followed by a 2 point raid by Navin who was impressive tonight. Nitin Tomar could score his 1st raid in the 3rd minute there on he was on the toe fetching points for team in almost every raid. 

In the 8th minute Dabang Delhi inflicted the 1st all-out, post all-out Puneri Paltan's corner were looking impressive with their tackle points in the 11th and 13th minute and a super raid by Nitin Tomar in the 16th minute was when Puneri Paltan inflicted the 1st all-out. Punri Paltan took the lead just before the half time score being 22 - 20.

Delhi defenders bounced back after the 30th minute with Vishal Mane showing some brilliant ankle hold and Joginder double thigh hold. The moment of the match was Pawan's 2 point raid and Nitin Tomars absence on the mat in the crucial 4-5 minutes toward the end. While Chandran Ranjit and naveen got regular points for the team and in the last 8 minutes the game slipped from Puneri Paltan's hand.