Prokabaddi Season 6 Match 14 Haryana Steelers Vs. U Mumba - Post Match Review

After the sensational first night of the Haryana home leg Haryana Steelers were on the back foot against U Mumba on the second day. U Mumba took an early lead to which Haryana Steelers were not able to come closer till the end. At the end two sides were separated by an astonishing point-difference of 27 points.

It was Siddharth Desai who started the raid and got a bonus while Monu Goyat in his first raid got a toe touch point, but Monu Goyat was not able to stand in front of the ruthless Fazel Atrachhali and in the 3rd minute of the game Monu Goyat was tackled by Fazel Atrachhali.

It was Abhishek Singhs night who in his first raid got a point and within 5 minutes of the game a 3 point super raid. U Mumba inflicted the first all-out in the 7th minute and it was a tackle initiated by raider Rohit Baliyan who showed some brilliant defense skills. 

It was U Mumba raiders who were targeting weak covers of Haryana Steelers on the other hand Rajguru Subramanium on the U Mumba side showed some brilliant solo tackle in the 15th and 23rd minute of the game. U Mumba inflicted the 2nd all-out in the 17th minute of the game and took a colossal lead half time score being 15 - 27. 

Haryana steelers misery continued in the second half of the game as well as they were unable to contain their raiders and their own forwards were unable to keep up with the opposition.  Haryana practically lost the match in the first half and it just kept slipping farther away from them. In the second half within 10 minutes U Mumba inflicted the 3rd and fourth all out in 29th and 39th minute respectively.

With this highest margin victory U Mumba have emerged as one of the favourites to win the title this season. With Siddharth Desai and Abhishek Singh with Support from Rohit Baliyan bringing the fire in attack and Fazel Atrachhali, with Rajguru standing solid in defense. 

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