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A Look at the Journey of Manpreet Singh on His Birthday

Haryana Steelers' head coach Manpreet Singh is celebrating yet another personal milestone - his birthday on April 5. While he celebrates his birthday, let's check on Manpreet's career and figure out why he is considered a true legend in Kabaddi. He carved a successful path as a player and continues to inspire as a coach in the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL).

A Champion Player and Strategic Mind

Manpreet Singh's passion for Kabaddi started young. He honed his skills for over years, eventually becoming the captain of the Patna Pirates in Season 3 of the PKL. Under his leadership, the team secured its first-ever championship title.

Transitioning to Coaching Greatness

After retiring from competitive play in 2015, Manpreet transitioned into coaching. His strategic thinking and deep understanding of the game proved to be valuable assets. He joined the Punjab State Kabaddi Association as a coach and later took on the challenge of leading the Gujarat Fortune Giants (now Gujarat Giants) in Season 5 of the PKL.


Building a Winning Team

Manpreet's coaching philosophy emphasizes building a strong team unit. He believes that coaches shouldn't treat players like "slaves" but rather work collaboratively. Understanding players' perspectives and fostering a fun and engaging environment are key aspects of his approach. He highlights the importance of balancing practice with leisure activities to maintain player well-being.

Leading by Example

Manpreet recognizes the significant difference between being a player and a coach. As a player, the focus is mainly on individual practice and performance. However, a coach shoulders the responsibility of building a cohesive team, ensuring proper practice sessions, and motivating players through victories and losses.

A Legacy of Excellence

Manpreet's coaching journey has been remarkable. He has led the Gujarat Giants to two consecutive finals, showcasing his strategic expertise. Recently, in PKL season 10 he took Haryana Steelers into the final, but unfortunately, this time too he ended up as a runner-up. However, his dedication to the sport and focus on player development continue to inspire aspiring Kabaddi players and coaches alike.