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37th National Games Kabaddi Day 2: Punjab and Himachal Womens, Maharashtra and Services Mens pick up victories in Day fixtures

At the 37th National Games, Kabaddi has been a thrilling and fiercely competitive sport that has capture the essence of traditional Indian games. The National Games serve as a platform for Kabaddi enthusiasts and athletes to come together and compete at the highest level, drawing participants from various states across India.

But despite its importance the broadcasting of Kabaddi matches at the 37th National Games (Goa) has been poor. It has to be an area where the broadcasters should focus on and in this article we are going through the results of Match no. 5 & 6 of both Men's and Women's matches. 


Punjab Vs Jharkhand (Match 5)


Punjab women's team displayed sheer dominance as they triumphed over Jharkhand in a one-sided contest with a commanding score of 67-15. Led by Kulvinder Kaur, Sukhdeep Kaur, and Sakshi, their relentless raiding efforts secured the victory, leaving no doubt about their superior performance with a point margin of 52.

Himachal Pradesh Vs Uttar Pradesh (Match 6)


Up next Himachal Pradesh outshone Uttar Pradesh, disproving the initial expectations of an even matchup. With star players like Jyoti Thakur, Sakshi Punia, and Pushpa Rana, who recently clinched gold at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, Himachal secured a resounding 52-22 victory, demonstrating their prowess and claiming a 30-point win.


Maharashtra Vs Tamil Nadu (Match 5)


The Maharashtra men's kabaddi team displayed their might against Tamil Nadu in a fiercely contested match. Led by exceptional players like Akash Shinde, Aslam Inamdar, Aditya Shinde, and Arkam Shaikh, Maharashtra outperformed Chandran Ranjit's Tamil Nadu side by an impressive 23-point margin, securing a surprising 44-21 victory in the second half.

Goa Vs Services (Match 6)


Match 6 of the Men's Kabaddi event at the 37th National Games witnessed the host team, Goa, facing a formidable Services side, which included renowned players such as Surjeet Narwal, Arjun Deshwal, Manjeet Dahiya, and Mahender Singh. Services proved their dominance, securing a comfortable 45-24 victory in what was expected to be a straightforward match.