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Day 2 Results of the 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championships

Day 2 of the 2020 Senior National Kabaddi Championships were underway on the 3rd of March 2020 at the Poornima University in Jaipur. The second day of this prestigious tournament saw a total of 40 matches take place where 22 matches were from the men's section. Heavyweight teams like Services, Indian Railways, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, and others were seen in action. 

Senior National Kabaddi Points Table : Men | Women

Services in action
Naveen Kumar in action for Services against Assam

67th Senior National Kabaddi : Bihar - Chandigarh Match ends in a tie

Most of the results from the day were not that surprising in the men's section, there was a tied game between Bihar and Chandigarh where both teams ended with 29 points each from the game. Kerala Court produced an impressive performance to pull out a win from the hands of Punjab with the score reading 35-33 in a closely fought encounter. Madhya Pradesh got the better of Kerala in another close game with scores of 45-41.

67th Senior National Kabaddi : Tamil Nadu and Karnataka qualify for playoffs

Tamil Nadu continued their winning run in the tournament after their impressive win over Haryana yesterday, they beat Delhi to get their 2nd consecutive win with scores of 35-29. Karnataka had an easy encounter against Chattisgarh where they beat them comprehensively with scores of 43-22. The audience had a great time cheering for Pardeep Narwal, Pawan Seharawat, Rahul Choudhary, Ajay Takhur, Naveen Kumar and many others who entertained the crowd. 

Delhi vs TN
Delhi Raider in action against Tamil Nadu

67th Senior National Kabaddi Womens : Indian Railways and Rajasthan easily make it to playoffs 

In the women section, there were a total of 18 matches played on Day 2 of 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championships. Home team Rajasthan had an easy affair against Telangana where they beat them with the score reading 60-13. Indian Railways beat Tamil Nadu which was again a one-sided encounter with scores of 48-15. Interesting encounters from the day were when UP got the better of MP with the score reading 29-20, Haryana and Jharkhand was another game which kept the audience guessing on which side the match will turn, in the end, it as Haryana who held their nerves to win the encounter with scores reading 29-23 to win their 2nd game of the tournament. 

UP vs Manipur
UP Girls vs Manipur Girls Match

At the end of day 2, it's almost final that which teams will make it to the Pre-Quarters of the tournament in both men and women but still there few teams who will be eying the 2nd position of their respective groups to ensure they are through to the next stage of the tournament.

Day 3 has a lot in store for the teams who are currently placed in 2nd and 3rd positions who will be looking to make it to the top 2. 

Men's Day 2 Results

Match 2: Chandigarh vs Telangana 42-47: (Group H)

Match 10: Chandigarh vs Andhra Pradesh 51-34: (Group H)

Match 12: Punjab vs Assam 52-19: (Group B) 

Match 13: Indian Railways vs Jharkhand 37-7: (Group A) 

Match 14: Delhi vs Goa 38-32: Group D

Match 15: Pondicherry vs Tripura 36-11: Group E

Match 16: Kerala vs Chhattisgarh 65-43: Group F 

Match 17: Rajasthan vs Odisha 54-13: Group G 

Match 18: Bihar vs Andhra Pradesh 47-21: Group H

Match 19: Uttaranchal vs WB State Unit 62-38: Group G 

Match 20: Services vs Assam 67-13: Group B 

Match 22: Tamil Nadu vs Delhi 29-35: Group D 

Match 23: Pondicherry vs Vidarbha 53-34: Group E

Match 24: Kerala vs Madhya Pradesh 41-45: Group F 

Match 25: Indian Railways vs Gujarat 33-16: Group A 

Match 26: Bihar vs. Chandigarh 29-29: Group H 

Match 27: Kerala C.O. vs Punjab 33-35: Group B

Match 28: Maharashtra vs Manipur 46-17: Group C

Match 29: Haryana vs Goa 47-16: Group D

Women's Day 2 Results

Match 6: Andhra Pradesh vs Assam 32-51: Group C

Match 8: Chandigarh vs WB State Unit 29-38: Group E

Match 9: Odisha vs Telangana 45-25: Group F

Match 10: Uttar Pradesh vs Manipur 52-19: Group G 

Match 11: Chhattisgarh vs Jammu & Kashmir 44-6: Group H 

Match 12: Tamil Nadu vs Maharashtra 26-21: Group A

Match 13: Jharkhand vs Gujarat 38-21: Group B

Match 14: Bihar vs Andhra Pradesh 32-13: Group C

Match 15: Uttaranchal vs Pondicherry 48-33: Group D 

Match 16: Chandigarh vs Kerala 13-50: Group E

Match 17: Odisha vs Karnataka 40-25: Group F

Match 18: Uttar Pradesh vs Madhya Pradesh 38-21: Group G 

Match 19: Chhattisgarh vs Kerala C.O. 45-14: Group H

Match 20: Indian Railways vs Tamil Nadu 48-15: Group A

Match 21: Haryana vs Jharkhand 29-23: Group B

Match 23: Goa vs Pondicherry 57-27: Group D

Match 24: W. B. State Unit vs Vidarbha 42-20: Group E

Match 25: Rajasthan vs Telangana 60-13: Group F