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Day 2 morning session Women's Results: 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship

The morning session on Day 2 of the 67th Senior Nationals Kabaddi Championships Grils leg went underway at Poornima University in Jaipur. Six matches took place in the morning session were Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Chandighar, Jharkhand, and Chattisghar registering wins in their respective matches and Gujarat suffering their second straight defeat of the tournament.


Match 8: West Bengal vs Chandigarh (Group E): 29-38

This group E encounter saw West Bengal clash against Chandigarh where Chandigarh got the better of the state from Bengal with the score reading 38-29 in favor of Chandigarh. Meenu, Suman and Priyanka from Chandigarh scored 8,7 and 6 points respectively to give Chandigarh an important win. For Bengal, it was Saraswati Kundu who scored 10 points but it was not enough as they went down in a fairly close encounter.

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Match 9: Odisha vs Telangana (Group F): 45-25

Odisha faced off against Telangana in this Group F encounter where Odisha was on top of their game to beat Telangana with scores of 45-25. Odisha was unstoppable as Nitu Devi and Jhunubala Bindhani scored 16 and 13 points respectively to keep Telangana out of the game. Telangana had Shiek Nouseen who was their lone warrior who scored 12 points but did not get any support from her teammates where the next best score for them was 2 points in this one-sided encounter in favor of Odisha.

Telangana vs Odisha

Match 10: Uttar Pradesh vs Manipur (Group G): 52-19

This Group G encounter had UP facing Manipur which turned out to be a one-sided affair as UP crushed Manipur with scores 52-19. Manipur never got going in the game where UP were scoring points at will. For UP it was Shivani and Shalani who took care of the raiding department by scoring 12 and 10 points respectively and in the defense, it was KM Amresh who scored 6 points to dominate the game and give them an easy win.  

UP vs Manipur

Match 11: Chattisgarh vs J & K (Group H): 44-6

Chattisgarh showcased a clinical performance as they beat J & K with scores of 44-6. J & K never got going in the game as they could score only 6 points from the game. For Chattisgarh, it was a collective team effort where 4 players in the likes of Ramsheela, Kavita, Maino, and Chhaya scored more than 5 points to give them an easy win over J & K. 

J&K vs CH

Match 12: Tamil Nadu vs Maharashtra (Group A): 26:21

Two strong teams in the likes of Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra faced off in this Group A encounter and it was a match which went down to the wire and in the end, Tamil Nadu came victorious with scores reading 26-21. The whole game was a neck to neck encounter where both teams kept getting points and at the end of the first half the scores were level at 9-9. In the second half, Maharashtra inflicted an all-out on Tamil Nadu but soon Tamil Nadu was back in the game as Satyapriya scored a super raid to bring them back in the match. In end, it was TN who kept their nerves to come out victorious in this close encounter. Satya Priya from TN top-scored in the game with 11 crucial points to her team.

Match 13: Jharkhand vs Gujarat(Group B): 38-21

The final match of the morning session of day 2 in the 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship girls section saw Jharkhand face off against Gujarat where Jharkhand came out victorious with the score reading 38-21. Jharkhand's Varsha being a defender, top-scored with 8 points along with Poonam and Kriti who were also clinical with their performances by scoring 8 and 6 points respectively. This defeat for Gujarat was their 2nd back to back defeat in the tournament which makes it almost impossible for them to make it to the knock out stages of the tournament.