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Top 3 defenders in YKS TN Clubs 2024

In the thrilling Yuva Kabaddi Series Tamil Nadu Clubs 2024 (YKS TN Clubs 2024) finale VELS University defeated Karpagam University. The match was played on June 6. Meanwhile, the tournament saw exceptional performances from defenders who displayed remarkable skill and strategy in thwarting raiders and earning crucial points for their teams.

1. Sakthivel Thangavelu

Leading the pack of defenders is Sakthivel Thangavelu, playing for Karpagam University. Thangavelu emerged as the tournament's "Defense King," a title well-deserved considering his impressive statistics. Over 16 matches, he participated in a staggering 104 tackles, the highest among all defenders. His ability to anticipate raiders' movements and execute effective tackles was unmatched. Thangavelu's efforts coverted into 59 tackle points.

Thangavelu's tackle success rate of 52.88% indicates that over half of his attempted tackles were successful in stopping raiders. Furthermore, Thangavelu showcased his ability to dominate raiders with 4 super tackles. He also achieved a remarkable 7 "High 5s."

2. Manikandan Nesamani

Following Thangavelu on the leaderboard is his teammate, Manikandan Nesamani. Nesamani, also representing Karpagam University, played a crucial role in solidifying their team's defense. He participated in 17 matches and attempted 106 tackles, demonstrating his constant presence on the defensive front. While his total tackle points (53) were slightly lower than Thangavelu's, Nesamani maintained a commendable tackle success rate of 49.06%.


Nesamani's strength lies in his consistency. He averaged over 3 successful tackles per match, providing a reliable defensive presence throughout the tournament. Additionally, Nesamani achieved 1 super tackle and 3 "High 5s."

3. S Sasikumar

S Sasikumar, representing Pommaiyah Ramajayam University, rounds out the top 3 defenders in the YKS TN Clubs 2024. Sasikumar participated in 16 matches and attempted 99 tackles, showcasing his active role in his team's defense. He secured 57 tackle points, averaging over 3 tackles per match. Similar to Nesamani, Sasikumar maintained a respectable tackle success rate of 53.54%.

Sasikumar's strength lies in his well-rounded defensive skillset. He matched Thangavelu's feat of achieving 4 super tackles, demonstrating his ability to make crucial defensive plays under pressure. Additionally, Sasikumar secured 7 "High 5s."

The exceptional performances of Sakthivel Thangavelu, Manikandan Nesamani, and S Sasikumar have highlighted the critical role of defenders in Kabaddi. While raiders score points and grab the limelight, defenders are the silent heroes who strategize and execute tackles to prevent the opposing team from scoring. Their contribution is vital in securing victories and showcasing the true spirit of teamwork in Kabaddi.