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Yuva Kabaddi Series Inter District Youth League 2024: Top Defenders Who Shine on the Mat

Yuva Kabaddi Series Inter District Youth League 2024 has been concluded with Ahmednagar District defending their title successfully. They dominated the final match against Palghar District with a score of 41-17. Meanwhile, throughout the tournament, some players have shown exceptional performances, not just in raiding but in defence too. Let's check the league's top defenders who have the most tackle points.

1. Dadaso Pujari

  • Team- Kolhapur
  • Matches- 16
  • Tackle Points- 61
  • Super Tackles- 1
  • High 5s- 7

This defensive powerhouse emerged as the top tackler of the league. Despite his team, Kolhapur, losing in the semifinals, Pujari showcased his talent by grabbing a total of 61 tackle points throughout the tournament. He even pulled off a super tackle and was a key player in the team's run to the semifinals.

2. Rupesh Salunkhe

  • Team- Mumbai Shahar
  • Matches- 16
  • Tackle Points- 55
  • Super Tackles- 2
  • High 5s- 5

Rupesh Salunkhe's brilliant performances were instrumental in guiding his team, Mumbai Shahar, to the eliminator stage. Though they couldn't progress further, Salunkhe's skills shone throughout the competition. He scored a total of 55 tackle points, including a crucial super tackle.

3. Sanket Khalate

  • Team- Ahmednagar
  • Matches- 17
  • Raid Points- 54
  • Super Tackle- 1
  • High 5s- 5

Not only did Ahmednagar win the championship, but they also boasted a strong defender in Sanket Khalate. He displayed impressive consistency throughout the league, contributing significantly to their victories. He played an important role in the finals as well against the Palghar, scoring 3 crucial tackle points that helped shut down Palghar's attacks.


The Yuva Kabaddi Series provides a platform for young Kabaddi talent from various districts to showcase their skills on a larger stage. Players like Dadaso Pujari, Rupesh Salunkhe, and Sanket Khalate are just a few examples of the exceptional defenders nurtured by this tournament.

As Kabaddi continues to gain popularity in India and grow even bigger, such tournaments play a key role in identifying and developing future stars. The Yuva Kabaddi Series has undoubtedly produced talented defenders who will surely leave their mark on the sport in the years to come.