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Rana Pratap Riders cruises to the top spot |Day 6 Results and Live Updates | K7 Kabaddi Qualifiers Rajasthan

 K7 Rajasthan

Aravalli Guards And Salasar lost their opening games but gave a good fight to their respective opponents.  It hasn't been the case so far in the tournament, and an exciting game day was ahead for all of us.


Match 21 - Aravalli Guards vs Salasar Express


Both teams were looking to get back on track after some good performances yesterday but fell eventually short of a win. SE started with a few changes in their lineup as some youngsters were handed a runout. The leading raider was also changed from Sardar to Kana at the start of the game. Kana Obliged this by scoring a touchpoint and forcing their defender into the lobby as he opened the points tally for his team.

Dashed out

Mahfooj Raja for AG started with a bonus point as he did his best to keep his team from falling behind. The early exchanges were pretty safe and sound. This changed altogether when Sardar took over from Kana. His successive multi raid pushed AG on the back foot. AG, defender saved two all-out opportunities but could not be third time lucky as they conceded their first all out of the match. The rest of the half continued with SE dominating and leading the game by 7 points at the break.


The 2nd half continued in the same fashion. The defenders from AG were having a nightmare. Conceding, too many points with their unsuccessful advance tackle. Neeraj Kumar was having a great 2nd half. He helped his defense with some good cover defense while scoring a super raid in the opposite end.


With 10 mins left on the clock, AG was still trailing the game by more than 10 points with the game slipping out of their grasp. Mahoofz and Ajay tried to initiate a comeback. But Sardar and Kana were having none of it as another all-out was conceded soon after. Rahul showed some inventive kicking skills to score some touchpoints but eventually was the lone ranger who came to the fight as SE bagged the game by 15 points.



Match 22 - Rana Pratap Riders vs Nahargarh Rangers


Both teams started with some hard-fought wins yesterday. The Winner of this match would have a giant step towards the top spot. so this was a must-win game for both. The place for the K7 Kabaddi World Series was on the line. 


The game started with Rahul Kumar's error gifting the points to Yuvraj Choudhary. Pushpender Choudhary replied with his raid. Successfully getting Navpreet Singh, Abhishek Choudhary out. The game had a feisty start, both sets of players showing aggressive intent. Raman Kumar Scored the game's first super raid with some intelligent work to evade the defenders.


Raman Kumar continued his spree with another multipoint raid. This resulted in an all-out in the next opposite raid for NR. It handed them a lead of 10 points. Sahil Jhadu got overshadowed by his opposite number Raman was quick and relentless with his raids. At the break, RPR led the game by 7 points. 


No space to run

Raman Kumar started the 2nd half with a multi-point raid. Pushpender was thrown out of the lobby during his first raid. Yuvraj took over, he continued the dominance of RPR with Raman taking a breather. NR was getting pushed back into the corner as Dhramveer Singh was getting the raider out one after the other.


NR was able to save from getting all-out but was not lucky third time out, with Dhramveer  getting the better of the attacking raider. RPR looked like a seasoned team, playing the leftover game patiently. The match ended with PRP taking the game by 9 points despite NR's late surge which came in too late for them.


Match 23 - Rana Pratap Riders vs Salasar Express


The all-important game that could decide and wrap up who will be the winners of POOL D. The winners will go straight into the K7 Kabaddi world qualifiers. With 2, wins out of 2 will, a win in their final game would put RPR at the top. But a win by SE will make this group wide open.


The game began with a Super Raid! from Yuvraj Choudhary taking out 3 Salasar Express players despite being pinned to the ground. Yuvraj followed this up with another multi-point raid as they got a quick lead of 3 points. Sardar Choudhary started with 2 unsuccessful raids but then bought back his team with consecutive raid points. Krishan Sharma was working his magic in defense as he pinned down the raiders from the opposite. 


Soon Sardar with, his multi-point raid forced the all-out to the surprise of RPR and handed his team the lead of 4 points. But this lead lasted just a min as Yuvraj Choudhary took out 3 SE players as soon as it restarted. Karan Sharma also came to the party to show why RPR has been so good so far. Despite being all out a few mins before, RPR took back the lead from SE. The battle continued till the last min as the first half ended with RPR leading by 2.

no way you are going anywhere

The 2nd half started with SE still in the game. They were unable to score points at the start. This gave RPR the time to build their lead with Yuvraj in top form backed by Dhramveer. He was just becoming a tough nut to crack for Sardar while raiding RPR raiders were stealing points one after the other. The sustained pressure finally resulted in another all-out for SE. RPR now led the game by 7 points. Kana and Mohammed Arshad tried to fight back with low-risk bonus points. This was a strategic move for one last surge in the last 5 mins.  


SE had to come out and score some quick points. So RPR waited for them to pounce on their mistakes which Yuvraj and Raman did to perfection. Super Raid from Raman in the 78 the raid attempt dashed all hopes for SE as yet another all-out meant the game was too far from them to come back to. RPR topped the group and sealed the top Spot in POOl D with dominating win over SE.


Match 24 - Aravalli Guards vs Nahargarh Rangers


The last game of the qualifiers was a dead rubber with Rana Pratap Riders sealing the top spot earlier. But finishing second in the group was as important, as the wild card entry for K7 Kabaddi World Series was yet to be decided and still up for grabs. The game was evenly contested for the first quarter of the game. As both teams failed to assert some authority in the beginning. But a series of touchpoints. Followed by Kamu khan traping the raider Mahfooj Raja after he pinched a bonus point saw NR take the games first all out to establish the lead of 4 points.


Mahfooj Raja looked out of ideas, with him getting pinned down again and again. Kamu khan was not giving any space to the AGs Raiders. Sahil was cruising as another multi-point raid saw him enforce another all-out before the end of the first half. 

not getting away


2nd half started with Sahil continuing his fine form. and extending his sides lead to 19 points at one stage. A super tackle on Pushpender Choudhary DOD RAID saw some AG taking the front seat in the game for the first time.This Super tackle saw Rakesh getting revived back in the court. Rakesh then took out 4 Nahargarh Rangers players in his next raid to their surprise. 


The super tackle followed by a 4 point super raid. It initiated a possible comeback for the AG with Rakesh leading from the front. But with Sahil still taking points from the other end, Rakesh came up short at the final whistle.NR wrapping the game with a 13 points win.