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JSG Warriors & Sariska Hi-Flyers dominate Pool C | Day 4 Results | K7 Kabaddi Qualifiers Rajasthan



A new day and new teams, taking on the center stage. After the enthralling finish to the Pool B decider match yesterday, which showcased some great end-to-end stuff. Umaid Hawks joined the Bajrang Rockers as the two teams who qualified for the K7 Kabaddi World Series so far. With half of the qualifiers done and dusted, the rest of the teams from POOL C were eager to join them. 


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Match 13 - JSG Warriors vs Marudhar Storms


Both teams were playing their first games. A bit of nerve were present at the start. Mahipal from JSG warriors looked like a veteran on the mat, a blistering start from him saw his team lead by 3 points inside the first few minutes. Karan Singh from MS was trying to match his counterpart blow by blow, but a multi-point raid on his D.O.D raid saw his team maintain the lead for his team. 

Mahipal in Action

Arun Solanki tried to help out his team with a super raid of his own but, Mahipal was proving to be a menace and extended his side's lead by 9 points. With the continuous bombardment of Mahipal and the defense, the game's first all-out was soon inflicted. Solo Tackle by Jitesh Choudhary to take out raider Kuldeep Singh Gurjar and demoralized the MS players. The first half ended with JSGW leading by 17 points. 


The 2nd half started in the same fashion with, Mahipal initiated the proceedings with the first raid. The MS players tried to come back strong in the 2nd half but, this played perfectly into the plans of the JSGW. The calm and composed JSGW players exposed their opponents and scored 2 quick ALL- OUTS in the 2nd half. It dashed all the hopes of a comeback for the MS. The game ended with a dominating win of JSGW by 26 points.



Match 14 - Sariska Hi-Flyers vs Jai Garh Jaguars


The first game turned out to be a one-sided affair and, the other teams will be wary of them now but before that. SHF and JGJ will look to start on a similar note to stay right on their toes. The game was evenly balanced, with Rakesh scoring the first point for the JGJ and Nitin Gurjar scoring for the SHF. Both team defenses were also on full guard as they took the odd tackle out. SHF's defense was slightly better, this gave them the edge during the first 10 mins of the game as they led by a single point. 


But this was it for JGJ as Rohit Yadav and Rakesh took the matters into their own hands, to flip the game on his head. Their tactful raids took the steam out of SHF and built a lead of 6 points. After the first all-out of SHF. They chased JGJ for the rest of the first half as they maintained their lead of 10 points at the break. 

dash to the finish line

The 2nd half was a different story. A super raid from Nitin Gurjar picks up 3 points on his first raid back and forced the first all-out for his team. The game was back level at square one. Both teams fought tooth and nail to take the lead back from each other. 

The turning point of the match came during the 81 st raid attempt of the game, Sariska Hi-Flyer's defense completely closed out the raider from JGJ and forced another all-out. This proved to be the most decisive shift in the momentum for SHF, as they closed the game out and won the game by 14 points in the end.



Match 15 - JSG Warriors vs Sariska Hi-Flyers


The first game back after the break saw the high flyers take on each other with, both teams starting on a high with big wins earlier. This match could be the deciding match as to who goes ahead into the K7 Kabaddi World Series.

The players to watch out for were the lead raider of both the teams Nitin Gurjar from Sarisika Hi-Flyers will take on Mahipal from JSG warriors. Both were going to be a handful for each of the defenses.

JSGW had an unbelievable start Mahipal continued from where he left off supported by Vijay. But it was the defense of JSGW that was ruthless. The JSJ got all-out without even scoring even a single point. Mahipal scored a super raid to put the icing on the cake.

no space

Shree Ram Bagawaraya scored the first point for JSJ after conceding 13 points. But, JSGW's defense led by Vishal Sharma and Jitesh Choudhary forced yet another all-out. Mahipal added salts to the wounds with his non-stops raids while JSJ raiders struggled. Rohit Yadav scored a multi-point raid late in the half to inflict the first all-out for JSJ. The high-scoring half ended with JSJW leading by a monster 25 points lead.  

The 2nd half started with JSGW stepping their foot off the gas and playing a little sow, with a healthy lead already. Shree Ram Bagawaraya tried to score some points he scored some raid points even though the lead was still too big to catch up.

Mahipal Soon got backed into the grove to stop JSJ's resurgence. JSJ conceded yet another all-out during the 76th raid attempt. It dashed the tiny hopes left of any comebacks that were left. JSJ got some more points on the table but JSGW managed the latter half by bidding time and won the game by 15 points in the end. 



Match 16 - Marudhar Storms vs Sariska Hi-Flyers


The last game of the day saw the bottom side take on each other to put their first points on the table. After the disappointing loss in their opening games, this was their chance of redemption. 

The match started with SHF Amit Singh raiding but was tackled successfully by MS's defense. Some excellent raids by Uday Bhan Singh and Karan Singh, followed by the excellent defending by MS, saw them score the game first all-out. They led by 9 points. It looked like SHF will have another game to chase. 


After the restart, a solo tackle by Naresh Junjadia took out raider Arun Solanki and, SHF finally had their first point of the game. Nitin Gurjar finally started scoring some back-to-back point touch points. The defense took some pressure off him by scoring successful tackles on Karan Singh. The SHF were soon back into the game as the defense scored another tackle point to make it a two-point game. This finally build some much-needed momentum for the SHF, as yet another all-out before the break saw them turn the tides as they led the game at halftime by 5 points.

got you


The 2nd half was important for both the team, the match remained in balance for both the teams. Karan Singh was trying hard for MS but was out of luck against the tight defense of SHF. Chandra Prakash Jakhar and Anuj Saini were doing an excellent job in defense for SHF to keep their lead intact. Nitin continued to score the odd touch point here and there.


The MS continued to trail for much of the 2nd half. The game was finally put to bed when they conceded yet another all-out late in the game. SHF finally won their first game in the pool stage with 10 points.