Gujarat Fortunegiants continued their excellent form to remain unbeatable by Puneri Paltan

Ajay started the raid from Gujarat Fortunegiants and Nitin from Puneri Paltan and they could not score a point, while Sachin eliminated Rinku in his first raid and in the 2nd minute GB More scored first point for Puneri Paltan. Nitin scored 2 points in his 3rd minute raid, though he remained silent compared to his standard, and Girish was missed in the left corner as Sachin targeted Rinku and eliminated him for the second time in the 4th minute.

Till the 4th minute Gujarat Fortunegiants was trailing and in the fifth minute Mahendra Ganesh Rajput scored a point and Gujarat took the lead. Though Gujarat Fotunegiants could score their first tackle point in the 10th minute and we saw few good tackles thereon and Gujarat Fortunegiants inflicted the 1st all-out in the 15th minute and Puneri Paltan was trailing by 6 points. Gujarat Fortunegiants walked into the half time with 4 points lead, 16 - 12.

Gujarat Fortunegiants defense looked more organized in the second half of the game while Puneri Paltan raiders failed to impress and Sachin managed to eliminate Rinku Narwal for the 3rd time in the 31st minute. Puneri Paltan tried a come-back and in the 34th minute Nitin Tomar scored his PKL season 6 100 points, and in the 35th minute Puneri Paltan was trailing by just 2 points but the moment of the match was when Nitin Tomar got injured in the 36th minute which sent him on bench and Mahendra Ganesh Rajput scored 3 points super raid.


Puneri Paltan Vs. Gujarat Fortunegiants Final Score


Puneri Paltan would have managed to walk-out with 1 point but last minute error by Sandeep Narwal helped Gujarat Fortunegiants to inflict 2nd all-out and they registered an easy win 27 - 37.


Gujarat Fortunegiants best raider and defender:

Gujarat Fortunegiants best raider and defender

Puneri Paltan best raider and defender:

Puneri Paltan best raider and defender


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