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"There is a Future in Kabaddi " reveals Akshima Bazzad in an Exclusive Conversation with Team Kabaddi Adda

Team Kabaddi Adda recently aired another captivating episode of their Women's Podcast featuring the esteemed Akshima Bazzad, renowned as the champion of the 2023 Asian Games. During the engaging session, Bazzad delved into a myriad of topics, offering candid insights into her personal and professional life, as well as reflecting on her remarkable achievements in detail.

Addressing inquiries about the future of women's Kabaddi, Bazzad expressed unwavering optimism, asserting that the sport holds immense potential for those who approach it with dedication and passion. Emphasizing the importance of continuous improvement, she encouraged aspiring players to focus on honing their skills to excel in the game.

When asked about her favorite player, Bazzad singled out Naveen Goyat, admiring his ability to clinch crucial points during intense moments of play. Her admiration for Goyat's prowess highlights the respect and camaraderie within the Kabaddi community.

In discussing the Women's Pro Kabaddi League (WPKL), Bazzad emphasized its significance as a vital platform for nurturing emerging talents. She underscored the league's role in providing aspiring players with opportunities to shine on various stages, ultimately propelling them onto the national spotlight.

Reflecting on her journey as a captain, Bazzad acknowledged the initial challenges she faced in leading the Jharkhand team. However, she revealed how she adapted and grew into the role, gaining a deeper understanding of the responsibilities and qualities required to lead effectively.

Bazzad also shed light on the importance of academies for female players, citing examples such as those in Rizwana, Haryana, as vital hubs for nurturing talent and fostering growth within the sport.

Adding a touch of lightheartedness to the conversation, the podcast featured fun segments such as rapid-fire questions, where Bazzad showcased her quick wit and fiery responses.

Akshima Bazzad's journey as a key member of the Indian national team, culminating in the gold medal victory, 

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